Geography Geniuses


Be an official "Geography Genius" - someone who knows where they are just by looking at the flag!! (for kids under age 14).

  1. Use this page to match the flags from the countries of people that have come to the online conference.
  2. Email me the names of all the countries where the flags are from.
  3. Include the date (more flags may be added, so be sure to include the date), your first name, your age, and what city, state, and country you are from. Hint: they are in alphabetical order on the conference page and also on the flags page.
  4. If you make fewer than 3 mistakes, you will be added to the "Geography Genius" list.
  5. You might also like to share some of the information about stuttering that you learned from being part of the conference. See if you can find the countries on a map or globe! Show your friends that there are people who stutter all around the world and that you are able to read what they say and even ask them questions. Show them the page that says you are an official "Geography Genius."

(The picture is from U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement's "Helping Your Child Learn Geography" at