Minnesota Connect Aphasia Now (MnCAN) Aphasia Conversation Group, Edina Campus

What is it?

This is a 12-week group for adults ages 18+ with aphasia is designed to create natural conversation and interaction experiences with support in the metro area in Minnesota.  The group is facilitated by Dr. Sheen Chiou, Speech-Language Pathologist with a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the America Speech and Hearing Association in conjunction with a group of trained Speech-Language Pathology graduate students. The group is based on the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia and supported conversation.

What does group look like?

  • Group participants discuss their preferred topics through a semi-structured question and answer format.
  • Group participants are provided supported conversation strategies that are individualized to the participant and may include: spoken and written keywords, body language and gestures, hand drawings, detailed photographs, etc., to enhance their ability to participate in the group. Everyone can participate regardless of their means of communication.
  • Participant is assigned graduate students trained on that individual's means of communication. Students provide supported conversation strategies throughout the session.

Minnesota Connect Aphasia Now Conversation Group participants

Minnesota Connect Aphasia Now Conversation Group participants

Aphasia conversation groups

Who do I contact for more information?

H. Sheen Chiou, Ph.D. CCC-SLP is a professor in Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services. Dr. Chiou' expertise is adult language and cognitive disorders. Dr. Chiou is a bilingual speech-language pathologist and provides assessment and intervention services for individuals with brain injury (e.g., stroke, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders). Dr. Chiou created community-based dementia programs and co-founded Garden EngAGEment through interprofessional collaboration.

Contact Information:
Email: hsinhuei.chiou@mnsu.edu
Phone: 507-389-5840
Office: Clinical Sciences Building room 321