International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, 2004

International Year of the Child Who Stutters

multiwelcome.gifto the seventh!! International Online Conference on Stuttering, chaired by Judith Kuster, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The online conference itself is freely available, but is also available for 1.5 CEU's (15 hours) or 1 semester credit. To learn how to register for the ISAD online conference for MSU, Mankato CEU's or college credit open this link.

announcements.gifOther ISAD2004 information and events are available here.

Flags of countries of people participating in the online conference (flags will be added as I am able verify additional countries participating)

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Online conferences have been an integral part of International Stuttering Awareness Day which began in 1998. ISAD is organized by Michael Sugarman, Oakland, California, and recognizes the growing alliance between speech-language professionals and consumers, who are learning from each other and working together to share, give support, and educate one another and the general public on the impact that stuttering has on individuals' lives.

For participants who need some basic information about stuttering, please read about Stuttering from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association.. Additional information is available on the Stuttering Home Page.

This year's conference is in celebration of the International Year of the Child Who Stutters, and is designed for people who stutter (adults and children), their families and employers, the professionals who work with them, students in training and their instructors. It also features a special section specifically designed for kids and teens who stutter.

Beginning October 1 there are 31 full length papers, 1 panel with several shorter papers, and two sections - "The Professor is In" and "The Researcher is In" - where you can ask questions of several professionals. An additional special feature are presentations that are especially appropropriate for children and teens who stutter. These are marked with smballoons.jpeg. Please visit the presentations with children who stutter and help them participate in the threaded discussions! speak.gif indicates that an audio file accompanies the presentation. These audio files are designed to work both Macintosh and PC. If you cannot access the audio files, the papers still contain valuable information and questions/comments may be directed to any of individuals who wrote the commentary.

The contributions in this conference reflect professional and consumer interests about stuttering and are presented by over 60 individuals representing 16 different countries on 6 different continents. Each paper also has a threaded discussion page for your comments and questions. By October 22, 2004, International Stuttering Awareness Day, the authors of the papers will respond as they wish. Feel free to post your questions/comments at any time and check back on International Stuttering Awareness Day for any response from the author. Contributors to the conference are solely responsible for the information they provide. The conference organizer and Minnesota State University cannot be responsible for nor can we attest to the accuracy or efficacy of the information others provide. The authors' papers will be permanently archived on the Stuttering Home Page for you to read at any time.

Instructions - please read! The papers are linked to the button to the left and are also hyperlinked. After you have opened the paper, the link will turn green to remind you that you've already opened that paper. The questions/comments page may be accessed at the top or bottom of each paper, or from the link after the title of the paper in the index. Please read the instructions on how to post questions at the top of each of the question/comments pages. For those who want to test out a threaded discussion before posting or commenting, I have made a testing out threaded discussions page. For AOL users (and perhaps some other ISPs) your post may not appear until the following day due to a "dynamic caching" feature of AOL.

Remember that there are many people writing and attending this conference for whom English is not their first language. The Altavista Translation Service may help those who don't read English well to understand some of these papers. If you put the URL (address) of any paper into the above site, you can ask that the paper be translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, or Portuguese. It will not be a perfect translation, but you should be able to get the idea.

Please ask questions that are relevant to the papers and refrain from developing a personal topic. It is expected that participants will remain cordial. The coordinator of the conference retains the right to delete posts considered inappropriate.

One final request - you are of course free to read and respond to any/all of the papers. For students and others intending to read all of the papers, I have a request. Those whose last names begin A-L, please start reading the conference papers from the last paper to the first. For those whose last names begin M-Z, please start with the papers at the beginning.

Office Hours - the experts

teacher.jpegSeveral university professors have agreed to serve as a panel to answer appropriately-posed questions about stuttering. This is especially designed as a good opportunity for parents of children who stutter, and for children, teens, and for adults who stutter to ask questions of several highly qualified specialists in the area of stuttering. It is not for lengthy discussion/debate or for students assigned to "post something to the online conference."

blueball.gifOffice Hours: The Professor Is In
list of professors here

researcher.jpegSeveral researchers have agreed to serve as a panel to answer appropriately-posed questions about research in fluency and fluency disorders. This is especially designed to make the research understandable, not to evaluate it. It is a good opportunity for students, as well as parents of children who stutter, and for children, teens, and adults who stutter to ask questions about research of several highly qualified researchers in the area of stuttering. It is not for lengthy discussion/debate or for students assigned to "post something to the online conference."

blueball.gif Office Hours: The Researcher Is In
list of reseachers here

balloons.gifEspecially for Kids and Teens Who Stutter (adults are welcome, too!)balloons.gif

This section contains several shorter papers and other material that is designed to appeal to children and teens who stutter, as well as their families, teachers, and clinicians..

balloons.gif Stuttering Didn't Stop Them: Some "Famous People Who Stutter" by Judy Kuster's undergraduate class in Stuttering (Minnesota, USA)

balloons.gif Looking Back and Looking Forward: It Gets Easier (Please read the short introduction about Bridge Builders before you read the selections below. All the individuals stories below are also linked to the bottom of Looking Back and Looking Forward)

blueball.gifIt's Good To Talk About It - by Alan Badmington (Wales)
blueball.gifA New Day - by Anita Blom (Sweden)
blueball.gifBe Yourself - by Moussa Dao (Burkina Faso, Africa)
blueball.gifLive Your Dreams! - by Paul Goldstein (Norway)
blueball.gifCross That Bridge - by Lieven Grommen (Belgium)
blueball.gifWhen I was Eleven - by Andrew Harding (England)
blueball.gif Class Reunions - by Russ Hicks (Texas, USA)
blueball.gifFuhgeddaboutit- by Mike Hughes (Canada)
blueball.gifShame - by Marty Jezer (USA)
blueball.gifWords I wish an adult who stutters had told me when I was a child - by Barak Liberman (Israel)
blueball.gifLike Yourself, Believe in Yourself, and Work Hard to Reach Your Goals - by Gunars Neiders, (USA)
blueball.gifThe Tears Will Fade - by Louis Roden (California, USA)
blueball.gifJust the Way You Are - by David Shapiro (North Carolina, USA)
blueball.gifA Message from Charles Van Riper - by Charles Van Riper (deceased, USA)

balloons.gif Online Stories

speak.gifChanging the Words Around by Alan Badmington (Wales, UK) and illustrated by Christine Badgett-Richards (England, UK)
speak.gifEveryone's Different by Alan Badmington (Wales, UK)
blueball.gif The Cracked Jar by Claudia Groesman (Spain)

balloons.gif Presentations about Stuttering by Kids Who Stutter.

blueball.gifCreating Stories About Our Heros by Judy Butler and Marybeth Allen( Massachusetts and Maine, USA)

blueball.gifMy Sixth-Grade Classroom Presentation on Stuttering by Autumn Williams and Joanie Cahalan (Nebraska, USA) 

blueball.gifA PowerPoint Presentation for My Class by Joseph Bates (Virginia, USA). 

balloons.gif Songs About Stuttering introduction by Judy Kuster (Minnesota, USA)

speak.gif Sweet Relief by Jason Gay (Minnesota, USA).
speak.gif The Man in the Mirror by Frankie Jones (Nebraska, USA)
speak.gif I'm The Scatman by John "Scatman" Larkin (deceased).

Invited Papers - Especially for the Adults and Teens (Kids are welcome, too!)

This section contains papers by members of the professional community and also by consumers from around the world. The papers focus on a variety of topics of interest to the presenters.

blueball.gif Panel: Kids and Teens support projects (The short articles below are all connected to this link)

blueball.gifFriends-the National Association for Young People Who Stutter by Lee Caggiano (New York, USA)

blueball.gifStuttering Foundation of American - Materials for Kids and Teens by Jane Fraser (Tennessee, USA)

blueball.gifCD ROM PROJECT - A Resource for Children, Teachers and Parents by Mark Irwin (Australia)

blueball.gifBeaumont-NSA Teens Who Stutter (TWIST) Support Group by Rick Merson and Cathy Olish (Michigan, USA)

blueball.gifNational Stuttering Association Materials for Kids and Teens by Nina Reardon (Illinois, USA)

blueball.gif Our Time Our Voice by Taro Alexander, Angelina Bruno-Metzger, Corom Buksha, Jonathan Greig, Yoni Messing and Keith Russell (New York, USA)

blueball.gif Counseling Parents of Children Who Stutter: a transition from information giver to clinician/counselor by Charleen Bloom and Donna Cooperman

blueball.gif Intensive Treatment: Let's Take a Look at Teens by Susan Cochrane (New York, USA)

speak.gif A mouse in the corner: Reflections upon listening to a 1966 audio recording of Charles Van Riper and Joseph G. Sheehan informally discussing stuttering moderated by Eugene Cooper (Florida, USA)

blueball.gif Therapeutic Listening by Joe Donaher and Mike Retzinger (Pennsylvania, USA and Wisconsin, USA)

blueball.gif These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things! by Judith Eckhardt (Arizona, USA)

blueball.gif Stuttering Goes To School: A Guide for Teachers by Silvana Franchini, Maria Eugenia Ramirez, and Cristina Reppett (Argentina)

blueball.gif Is there room for improvisation in all of this? by Pat Gangnon, (Wisconsin, USA)

blueball.gif Fluency Friday Plus: An Intensive Treatment Program for Children with Stuttering by Diane Games, (Ohio, USA)

blueball.gif Treating Preschoolers Who Stutter - Solutions Within A Publicly Funded Program by Marlene Green (Canada)

blueball.gif What I Wish I Had Known by Dori Holte (Minnesota, USA)

blueball.gif Confirmation Day for Blaise by Martin Jumbam (Cameroon, W. AFRICA)

blueball.gif Inspirational Sayings by Judy Kuster and many others around the world

blueball.gif Successful breakthrough therapy by Li Qingsong (Nanjing City, China) (Chinese Version of "Success Breakthrough Therapy" for Chinese readers)

speak.gif Obsessions with Language, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Stutter by Jesse Loesberg (California, USA)

blueball.gifWhen Children Who Stutter Present Co-occuring Speech-Language Disorders: Some Clinical Considerations by Kenneth J. Logan (Florida, USA)

blueball.gifCFO: Chief Fluency Officer by Tim Mackesey and Robert Jones (Georgia, USA)

blueball.gifEmploying the MSAM in Attaining, Maintaining and Transferring Fluency in the Schools by Kay Monkhouse (Pennsylvania, USA)

blueball.gif My Personal Transformation by Masaki Nagao (Japan)

blueball.gifFluency Shaping Techniques: Helpful, But Why We Must Know More by Peter Ramig and Darrell Dodge (Colorado, USA)

blueball.gif Tongue Tied. by John Ravenscroft (England)

blueball.gif The Dreaded Job Interview: Secret Tips from the Inside -for Stutterers! by Chris Roach (Texas, USA)

blueball.gif Providing Help for People Who Stutter: A World View by Ken St. Louis (West Virginia, USA)

blueball.gif Riding The "Fluency Instability" Roller Coaster by Phillip Schneider (New York, USA)

blueball.gif FRIENDS & Family Day: One-Day Workshop for Supporting Children Who Stutter & Their Families by Lynne Shields (Missouri, USA), Susan Short (Illinois, USA) Ro Ostergaard (Illinois, USA) Lee Caggiano (New York, USA), Bill Shannon (New York, USA)

blueball.gif Using Story to Help Heal by Ellen-Marie Silverman, (Wisconsin, USA)

blueball.gif Stutter as story by Nathaniel Stern, (South Africa)

blueball.gif International Stuttering Awareness Day: ISAD from conception to present day by Michael Sugarman, (California, USA)

blueball.gif The Power Of Metaphor In Stuttering Therapy by Luc Tielens (Belgium)

blueball.gif Wall of silence: What your kids won't tell you about bullying by Gina Waggott (England)

blueball.gif Her Child Stutters and She Became a Pyromaniac by Albert Zhang (Shanghai, China)

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