A Powerpoint Presentation for My Class

bates.jpeg About the presenter: My name is Joseph Bates and I am 10 years old and am in the 5th grade. I was born in Monterey, CA, but I grew up in VA. Some of my hobbies are playing with Lego's, playing on the computer, and watching TV. I am in the GT (Gifted and Talented) program. I have a little brother named Sam. Well, that's about all about me! Oh, yeah. If you have a severe stutter like me, I think that you will like my PowerPoint presentation a lot!

My PowerPoint Presentation on Stuttering

by Jospeh Bates
from Virginia, USA

Two years ago, I made a PowerPoint presentation on stuttering. I made it because my speech teacher told me that it was Stuttering Awareness week and she wanted me to do something special. So I did a PowerPoint. My speech teacher helped me with some of the information, but I got most of it from my dad and the Internet. It took me some time to get it done, but I think that I could have put in a lot more work then what I did put in.

When I was done, I showed it to my class. I think they liked it a lot, and they asked a lot of questions! I am very happy that I made it because after I shared it, my classmates seemed to be very patient with me and they did not complete my sentences for me. One of them even complimented me on how brave I was on doing it and she would be too scared to talk in front of the entire class like that! Even now, I think that something good came from it because the people that were in my class then, and still are, are still very patient with me.

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September 25, 2004