Resources for Professors

This site contains materials shared by your colleagues to provide ideas to develop, revise, or enhance your fluency disorders course.

Teaching-related information and materials

  • ASHA Convention Handouts Relating to Fluency Disorders 2006-2012.
  • Lecture Materials and Course Ideas
    • FluencyBank a project of TalkBank, is an NIH/NSF funded interactive, managed by Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Maryland. The following resources for classes on fluency disorders linked on the website:
      • Voices of People who Stutter has "transcripts and video clips . . . contributed by members of the National Stuttering Association to assist students in learning more about the behaviors and affective/cognitive features of living with stuttering as an adult." Included are
        • Browsable transcripts
        • Downloadable transcripts and OASES
        • Media
        • Friuli reading passage from the SSI4 - a 369 syllable reading passage from SSI4
      • Voices of People who Clutter
        • ICA cluttering protocol and questionnaire
        • Browsable transcripts
        • Downloadable transcripts
        • Media
    • Fluency Bank: The Future of Research Discussion about this resource between Nan Ratner and Peter Reitzes on StutterTalk
    • Exam questions and practice flashcards
    • What Does Stuttering Sound, Look and Feel Like - samples from the open Internet
    • The Museum includes information about several of the important pioneers who have died, some historically interesting old books that are online, several articles about the history that ASHA has let me put online, and more.
    • Participation in International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conferences when the conference is "live" from October 1-22. All past conference papers and discussions also remain online and students can either evaluate a conference or be assigned many of the valuable papers they contain.
    • Student Journal - student projects about stuttering that are worthy of special note. Professors are welcome to submit additional papers or ideas.
    • Finding Professional Resources about Stuttering - links to journals and abstracts, a bookstore of several available books and online bibliographies related to stuttering/cluttering
    • Things to do when you must miss a class - includes several online examples of stuttering and full-length videos as well as other ideas.
    • PowerPoint Lectures and Presentations
    • Problem-Based Learning Materials
    • Counseling Materials for those teaching counseling courses or incorporating counseling information in other courses, including fluency disorders courses.
    • Stuttering and its Treatment Eleven Lectures 2020/02/05 by Mark Onslow is a freely-available "text" of Onslow's introductory lectures for students in speech-language pathology, linked here with the permission of the author.

Handouts and Assignments

Be sure to check this link which contains materials used by various professionals - a treasure trove!!

Therapy-related information and materials

Potential materials for student advising

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