ISAD 2004 Announcements

This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Awareness Day 2004 (ISAD 2004) events around the world and other information related to ISAD 2004.

The Speech Foundation of Ontario - Stuttering Centre Rhonda Jacobson 05 Sep 2004

Wits Students SpeakEasy (WSSE) Watson Lekalake 05 Sep 2004

The Speak Clear Association Of Cameroon (SCAC) And The International Year For Children Who Stutter (IYCWS) Joe Lukong 05 Sep 2004

Semana Nacional de la Tartamudez M.Sugarman/Beatriz Touzet 06 Oct 2004

Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for People who Stutter M. Sugarman 06 Oct 2004

National Stuttering Day in Quebec, Canada M. Sugarman 06 Oct 2004

ISAD in Israel Benny Ravid 11 Oct 2004

Morgantown, West Virginia NSA Chapter Ken St. Louis 14 Oct 2004

New Documentary Film Phil Schneider 18 Oct 2004

ISAD Video-Chat Manfred Fitzner 18 Oct 2004

ISAD in Croatia Suzana Jelcic Jaksic 21 Oct 2004

NBA Star Kenyon Martin Steps Forward to Talk about Stuttering Catherine Montgomery,American Institute for Stuttering 22 Oct 2004

ISAD in Nepal ELSA Electronic Newsnotes 13 Dec 2004

ISAD in Hungary ELSA Electronic Newsnotes 13 Dec 2004

Preece featured on Frances Finn Radio Show for ISAD ELSA Electronic Newsnotes 13 Dec 2004

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