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Edward Thompson's Stuttering Doctor has a money back guarantee for his program which claims "speech fluency can be improved by up to 90%, or even normalized completely" (as of August 2014 costs $189).Mother who purchased the program for her son reports,

"I purchased this for my son, then sent you his email link for correspondence with him. He lives in an apartment with very thin walls and there is no way he can scream as your method requires. He works during the day so early morning or late evening is the only time he would be able practice this method, which is unacceptable. This will not work for him & had your website indicated this type of practice I would have never purchased it in the first place."

Answer given, "The issue you are describing is a common obstacle and can be overcome in several ways, all of which have been tried many times and proven to work well. Since Stephen has not contacted me after receiving the description of the method, I would advise trying one of the techniques to dampen the level of your sound output in case there is a need to do so:

- Using a mattress: roll a mattress and shout into it, as if it were a silencer for a gun. This is probably one of the most efficient ways of reducing the noise.- Using a pillow: this method has also been tried by many of my patients and showed the same results as "uncovered" shouting. While shouting through a pillow it is advisable to put your arm on the other side of the pillow to make sure that the exercise is intense enough - you should be able to feel the vibrations from your voice clearly on the other side of the pillow.- Performing exercises in a car. At least 14 people who used my method were exercising regularly in their cars because of the same issues, and the results are as positive as with the others.- Performing exercises in a garage, if you have one."