Information about Communication

  • Toastmasters and other organizations about public speaking
  • Public Speaking Speech Topics and Ideas - from "selecting a topic, to writing, and delivering"
  • Over 10,000 Speech Topic Ideas for all types of speeches.
  • SpeechTips is a "free guide to speech writing and delivery for every occasion."
  • Communication in Relationships by Michael Smith, PhD.
  • Lee Glickstein's Speaking Circles, International
  • Student Guide to Public Speaking Tips, Resources & Inspiration for Giving Presentations & Speeches in School
  • TALKTIPS@POBOXES.COM is a bi-monthly newsletter which includes topics such as self-improvement tips for more effective personal and professional communication. To subscribe send the following message in the SUBJECT line to subscribe_Talktips
  • This is a version of the Stroop effect that has fascinated psychologists since 1935 when J. R. Stroop first studied the phenomenon in a learning experiment. The experiment provides an opportunity for many people who don't stutter to experience what it is like, at least momentarily, not to have control of their articulators.

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