Suicide Information and Resources

Stuttering and Suicide

At times, people become so desperate they develop what is called "tunnel vision" - they can see no other solution to their problem than ending their life. They have not rejected all the support that they know about and have found helpful in the past, but for a moment, they are not able to see outside the "tunnel" they find themselves in.

An important message is that it is not just our clients who stutter who think about suicide. Clients Who Threaten Suicide -- Our Responsibilities

If you are in a suicidal crisis, please seek professional help immediately by calling "911", the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK, or a crisis hotline in your area (the number should be listed in your Yellow Pages under Crisis Intervention Services). If you feel suicidal, see a doctor.

There are also several good resources on the Internet about suicide prevention. The authors and articles are listed.

added November 19, 2002
updated October 22, 2018