Let the Buyer Beware

Let the Buyer AVOID

Image created by Grant Meredith and used here with permission

Misleading adverts - an article in Speaking Out by the British Stammering Association Chair Leys Geddes who has been involved in a campaign against advertisements that give false hope by offering to 'cure' stammering.

Digital snake oil: The emergence of online stuttering scams and slams by Grant Meredith and Anthony Gunn, written for the ISAD 2012 online conference.

ANY proposed speech therapy program for stuttering/stammering that claims to cure or eliminate stuttering in adults that has established an online presence will be listed below. Most of these "programs" are simply ways to empty the pocketbooks of people who stutter. Sites that advertise cures and rely only on "testimonials" (which are often simply made up by the scam artist putting the site online) should be avoided.

  • Tony Pearson's "Quackery Alert!!" for "KillYourStutter".
  • And a link to this page!A classic example of a scam program - KillYourStutter
  • Arjun Lal from Canada has developed many scam sites. Compare the following two. Notice the sites are basically identical except for the product advertised. Some of the "verified testimonials" are simply pictures of people that Lal has lifted off the internet without permission, given a false name and written a "testimonial" for.
    • scam Kill Your Stutter
    • Lal has a very similar site for a male enhancement product with several of the same pictures and "verified testimonials." It is not linked here because I do not want search engines to block my site from schools.

    If you type the words kill your stutter scam into Google, there are many sites that when you open them, lead to the kill your stutter site. This is yet another marketing ploy to be aware of. Some of the sites found using Google's search engine, open "reviews" such as one by Dan H, who has published 23 articles online "reviewing" many products, leading the reader to websites to purchase products, undoubtedly as click-throughs to sites promising money to the referrer. I will not provide the URL, but Dan H publishes a review of Kill You Stutter that blames the person who stutters if he is not successful with the program. This is yet another red flag that should warn the reader that this program is a SCAM. See Dan's statement below.

    You can also find a few good "Quackery Alerts" for Kill Your Stutter

A few other examples of online programs that guarantee a cure for stuttering

Additional Suggestions On Managing Stuttering Behaviors

Additional Information on Stammering Therapy for Adults - from the BSA website.

Most of the following suggestions and websites have been developed by individuals who stutter. In those cases, they feel their ideas have worked for them and are shared below. The SHP makes no guarentees or endorsements, it simply provides information that others may find useful. The reader is warned that an idea may work for one individual and not for another.