Children's Books About Stuttering00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

by Eelco de Geus (Netherlands), Gail Wilson Lew (California, USA), Ulrich Natke (Germany), and Ellen-Marie Silverman (Wisconsin, USA)

The following authors have written books about stuttering for children. These books are available online in part or totally and are included in this conference along with short papers written by Gail Wilson Lew and Ellen-Marie Silverman. To access the author's papers about their book open the hyperlink in the text below. Please consider having children you know who stutter read these books. It is a good way for them to participate in this conference, too! The books are linked to the pictures below. To open them, put your pointer on the book and click.

eelco.gifSometimes I Just Stutter ("Je begaie") by Eelco de Geus, (Netherlands). Eelco de Geus is counselor and speech therapist, specializing in stuttering therapy. From 1986-1991 he was a teacher in speech therapy at Windesheim College in Holland. He is leader of one of the Stuttering Centers in Holland and co-creator of the Dutch Association of Stuttering centers. He has a long experience in counseling stuttering children and their families, as well as stuttering adults. He conducts post-graduate workshops for professionals in different countries on stuttering therapy, systemic therapy and counseling skills. To read the English version of Sometimes I Just Stutter, click on the book. The SFA has also put this book online in Italian - Qualche volta io balbetto

book.gifJeremy and the Hippo by Gail Wilson Lew, (California, USA) - Gail Wilson Lew has a private practice in Sierra Madre California where she specializes in working with children and adults who stutter. Her involvements includes workshops for people who stutter and their families, the National Stuttering Association (a national self help group), Pasadena City College Disabled Students Program, School District In-Service Workshops, and writing children's books. Gail herself was once a severe stutterer. To read Jeremy and the Hippo, click on the book.

smallcover.jpegBenni by BVSS, (Germany). This comic book was written by a group of members of the Bundesvereinigung Stotterer-Selbsthilfe e.V. and illustrated by Bernd Natke. The BVSS holds the copyright and has generously allowed Benni to be available for the conference. Translation of Benni was done by Judy Kuster with help from alta vista, Dan Metzger and Kirk Allison. Ulrich Natke has written information about the writing and use of this booklet.

jason.jpgJason's Secret by Ellen-Marie Silverman (Wisconsin, USA). Ellen-Marie Silverman received the Ph.D. degree in speech pathology from the University of Iowa and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in developmental psycholinguistics at the University of Illinois, Urbana. A member of several university faculties, Dr. Silverman authored or co-authored more than 30 research papers and two textbook chapters. In 1986, she resigned a tenured faculty position to resume full-time clinical work. Six years later, she founded TSS-The Speech Source, Inc., an interpreter agency for the deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind, and hearing individuals with limited English proficiency. Jason's Secret is her first published book for children. She is a Fellow of ASHA. and a member of Sigma Xi and Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. To read two chapters of Jason's Secret, click on the book.