Academic Planning & Registration

Academic advising in an ongoing process where students and advisors work together to clarify academic requirements and goals, establish meaningful educational plans, effectively use resources, and explore opportunities. The end goal is for the student to become an involved, independent, self-directed life-long learner.

Summer/Fall 2023 Registration Planning

Depending on your year in school, attend a group advising session or schedule an appointment with a nursing advisor before your registration window opens.


  • Sign up for a required  Group Advising Session (WH 379 or ZOOM).
  • Download the Summer/Fall 2023 Registration Planning Form.

After you've attended:

  • Revisit the Summer/Fall 2023 Registration Planning Video if needed.
  • Schedule your one-on-one appointment with Kamryn or Kasi (WH 360 or ZOOM)!


  • Review degree audit and prepare a list of possible classes and your questions.
  • Schedule your one-on-one appointment with Kamryn or Kasi (WH 360 or ZOOM)!

Find Out When Your Registration Window Opens

  • Log into E-Services.
  • Click on Courses and Registration.
  • Click on Registration Window.
  • Choose the upcoming semester and Submit.
  • Check for any Registration Holds and resolve.
  • Register on time when your Registration Window opens.

Review Your Degree Audit

  1. Log into E-Services.
  2. Click on Academic Records, then Degree Audit.
  3. Select Open Degree Audit.
  4. Login with StarID and password.
  5. Select Run Declared Programs.
  6. Find Nursing Program, BS title and select View Audit.

Learn More

Assess Your Progress Towards Application

  1. Use Advising Worksheet in coordination with your Degree Audit.
  2. Record your current total cumulative GPA.
  3. Check what Core & Support pre-reqs are complete.
  4. Use Core GPA Calculator to record your current Core GPA.
  5. Check what General Education & Graduation requirements are complete.
  6. Determine the semester you may apply to program.

Select Courses You Intend to Register For

  • Confirm you have met the pre-requisites for each course.
  • Register for major pre-requisites and gen eds.
  • Enroll in one science course for timely progression and balance.
  • Max of 3 core pre-requisites recommended.
  • Identify alternative course options.
  • Verify course planning aligns with intended timeline.

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