Stages of Coping: A Stutterer's Journey from Denial to Integration

About the presenter: Louise Heite resides in Seydisfjord, Iceland. She holds a doctorate in history and an Icelandic teaching certificate. She is presently also enrolled as a graduate student in the Communication Sciences department at Temple University. She has presented papers on stuttering at the NSP conference in New York and the ELSA conference in Ireland. She is the webmaster for Málbjörg, the Icelandic Stuttering Association and ELSA, the European League of Stuttering Associations. Her interest in stuttering is personal.

Stages of Coping

A Stutterer's Journey from Denial to Integration

by Louise Heite


This article is the product of very much introspection and, unfortunately, rather little truly rigorous research. I offer it in this open forum with an invitation to those who have the skills and opportunities to test my ideas to do so. I also hope that others who are not inclined to research will nevertheless find reflections of themselves somewhere in this text. If my musings are anywhere near accurate, this article should be able to help at least some stutterers to orient themselves to a process of recovery that seems to me to be somewhat predictable, though far from inevitable.

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September 25, 1998