Applying to the Major

The Exercise Science major requires a separate application process.

Acceptance into the major gives you permanent upper-level division permission to enroll in 300-400 level courses.

The Spring 2021 application for the Exercise Science major is now available.

B.S. Exercise Science Application to the Major

Applications will only be reviewed twice a year with the deadlines of October 1st and March 1st. The goal of these requirements is to have students apply in their 3rd or 4th semester, make the transition to upper-level seamless, and move students through the progression of classes with 12+ credit semesters. 

Application Requirements:

  1. Completion of at least 32 credits.
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  3. A minimum grade of a C- in BIOL 220.
  4. A minimum grade of a C- in CHEM 111 or CHEM 201.
  5. A minimum grade of a C in MATH 112 or MATH 115.
  6. Complete or currently enrolled in: [General Emphasis - HP 291 and HP 160/HP 265] or [Pre PT Emphasis - HP 265]

If you receive an "upper-level permission" registration error, meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your MavPlan and the possibility of temporary upper-level permission. Your faculty advisor is located at the top of your DARS