Internships for Exercise Science Majors

Fall 2020 Internship Informational Meeting: 

If you are looking to complete your internship HP 496 in the next two semesters, attend one of the information meetings. Zoom Internship Meeting Link

Thursday, October 15th at 4:00 pm

Tuesday, October 20th at noon

HP 496 Internship Handbook

  • You will need permission to register for HP 496. 
  • All information on HP 496 Internships and the application materials can be found on the handbook site. 
  • Applications to register for Spring 2021 are due Friday, December 6th. If you do not submit your application by December 6th, you will not be able to register for HP 496 in the Spring.

  • Applications will be reviewed once a week. You should receive feedback on your application within a week of your submission.

  • Observation hours can be used for internship hours.
  • Internship and Observation hours must be completed while registered for HP 496.