Sports Medicine Minor

The Sports Medicine minor is intended for students who are interested in the broad field of Sports Medicine. While available to any student, it is ideal for students pursuing healthcare-related fields or study in the following academic disciplines: pre-athletic training, pre-physical therapy, pre-medicine, pre-chiropractic, exercise science, physical education, coaching, psychology, nutrition, and nursing. The minor provides students with foundational knowledge in concepts of fitness, first aid, prevention and care of athletic-related injuries and illnesses, and therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation. The goal is to provide interested students, from a variety of backgrounds with the academic background and the opportunity to further develop interest in Sports Medicine related topics and issues.

Program Requirements


Systems approach to the structure of the human body. The course is designed for students majoring in biology or health related programs. Lab included.

Prerequisites: none

Principles of functions of human cells, organs, and systems with an emphasis on organ/system interactions. This course is designed for students majoring in biology, chemistry, or related sciences, and medically-related areas. Includes a laboratory with a research and medical emphasis.

Prerequisites: BIOL 220, CHEM 104 or CHEM 106 or CHEM 111 or CHEM 201

Provides the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness. Includes First Aid certification for the non-professional and all aspects of CPR for the non-professional and professional.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-11

Adult fitness, from theory to practice.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-11

Basic recognition, prevention, and care of injuries/illnesses suffered by athletes and other physically active individuals. Designed for coaching, physical education, and sports medicine minor students.

Prerequisites: HLTH 210

This course is designed for individuals interested in advanced study in the field of sports medicine. The course will provide advanced study or orthopaedic assessment techniques, application of therapeutic exercise and modalities, and rehabilitation techniques.Spring, Summer

Prerequisites: BIOL 220, HLTH 210, HP 340