The M.S. Exercise Physiology program strives toward education with application, preparing students for the fields of cardiac rehabilitation, strength and condition, academic research, corporate wellness and more.

Education with Application 

The M.S. Exercise Physiology Program trains graduate students on the latest science of performance testing and exercise prescription for a wide range of populations. Students and faculty from our laboratory present and publish routinely on the topics in exercise assessment and prescription. We believe tomorrow’s exercise physiologist also requires skills in modifying a person’s exercise behavior, particularly patient-populations with or at risk for preventable diseases.

Our students often complete a research manuscript, internship, or both as their capstone project. These experiences prepare students for Ph.D. programs as well as careers in strength and conditioning, coaching, worksite wellness, hospital-based exercise prescription, and many more.

About Exercise Physiology

Learn more about the Exercise Physiology program, including future paths for students, internships and volunteer experiences, and alignment with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Admission Process

Applications for admission to the MS in Exercise Physiology program is competitive. Get information about the admission process including pre-requisites, deadlines, and more.

Graduate Students

Learn about current graduate assistantships and current and recent graduate capstones.

Viola Holbrook Physiology Center

The Dr. Viola Holbrook Exercise Physiology Center allows for innovative research to be conducted by our faculty and students in our Exercise Physiology Master's degree program. In addition, undergraduate students in our Exercise Science program utilize the lab for a variety of courses.