Faculty Advisor Appointments

You can find the name of your faculty advisor on the top of your Degree Audit Report (DARS) through E-Services. Make an appointment with your faculty advisor through MavConnect.

Course Planning Materials

Always consult your Degree Audit Report (DARS) for information on what you need for your degree. Your DARS can be found in your E-Services.

The MavPlan is your 4-year degree plan which includes all requirements from your DARS and takes pre-requisites and course offerings into consideration. Use the sample plans and the blank MavPlan to plan out your semesters.

Your Catalog Year is the semester you declared Exercise Science, not when you started here at MNSU Mankato. This can be found at the top right of your DARS. 

Fall 2020 - Current Catalog Year Before Fall 2020 Catalog
General Emphasis F20 MavPlan - Current General Emphasis MavPlan - Archived
Pre PT Emphasis F20 MavPlan - Current Pre PT Emphasis F20 MavPlan - Archived
B.S. Exercise Science Major Both Tracks F20

B.S. Exercise Science Major Both Tracks

  • If you are in your 3rd or 4th semester, review the Applying to the Major guidelines. 
  • Course planning for Spring 2021 begins early October.
  • Group advising begins in late October.
  • Spring 2021 registration begins in early November. 


  • You need to apply for graduation at the beginning of your last year of classes.
  • Registering to walk at commencement is a separate process than applying for graduation. Make sure you complete both.
  • You can appeal to walk at commencement even if you have a few credits left to fulfill.
  • All of the information and applications are located on the Graduation Services website.

Course Permissions - Who to Ask

If you cannot register for a course, look at the error you receive.

  • Upper-Level Permission - Your faculty advisor found at the top of your DARS
  • Pre-Requisite Permission - The instructor listed for the course
  • Early registration code - The department where you qualify for early registration (athletics, VA, etc.)
  • If you have less than 31 credits, you will need to attend a College Group Advising session to receive your registration code.

To add or remove and minor, use the Major Button.  

Applying to the Major

To take 300 and/or 400 level classes, you must apply and be accepted into the major. Being accepted into the major grants you permanent upper-level permission.