Myers, F. L., & St.Louis, K. O. (1996). CLUTTERING: A Clinical Perspective. Singular, San Diego.

"We are happy to share this out-of-print book with those interested in cluttering. The book was originally published by FAR Communications in 1992 (and reprinted by Singular in 1996 [but incorrectly dated 1986]). The content is of historical as well as clinical use for those interested in cluttering. It is worth mentioning that the foreword written by the late Charles Van Riper was one of the last pieces he wrote in his illustrious career (Florence Myers and Ken StLouis)."

NOTE: The authors have granted the ICA the right to make the text available in full for downloading. Please be apprised that the authors own the copyright. That means that they release the rights to copy and distribute any of the book text and tables so long as they are not changed in any way and so long as copied or paraphrased materials are properly cited and referenced as follows:

Myers, F. L., & St. Louis, K. O., (Eds.) (1992). Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective. Leicester: FAR Communications. Reissued: San Diego, CA: Singular, 1996.

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The following files contain the pages scanned from the book (that is, from the version that was reissued by Singular in 1996). These files (one chapter at a time) need to be individually downloaded to obtain the entire text. As the files are based on scanned images, the total amount of space needed on your computer is substantial (about 41MB). You may want to consider this before downloading all the files. Also, depending on your type of Internet connection downloading could take relatively long. In order to open the files you will need to have a program that can open *.pdf files on your computer (for example the Acrobat Reader). If you need it, the following link points you to the Adobe website for downloading the Acrobat Reader:

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