Current Scholarship Recipients

22-23 Scholarships

Thanks to our generous donors, more than 140 students in the College of Allied Health and Nursing have received $290,000 in financial support for the 2022-2023 academic year. We are so grateful to those who help make education more affordable for so many of our dedicated students!

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Congratulations to our current scholarship recipients: 

College-Wide Scholarships

College of Allied Health and Nursing Scholarship

Kirsten Artz, Natasha Friedges, Emma Fury, Laura Gebur, Alaina Lofgren, Kamilya Seid, Olivia Smith, Ashlin Young

Don and Martha Huron Hope Scholarship

Krista Gadient

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Dental Hygiene Scholarships

Alice K. Weed Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Emily Schimnich

Minnesota State University, Mankato Alumni Foundation Scholarship

Michaella Johnson, Esther Keith-Reyes, Miah Larson, Emily Schimnic

Dr. Deborah O’Keefe Strand Endowment

Brooke Engbarth

Dr. Robert Fonda Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Natalie Kinkel, Miah Larson, Rachael Wenisch

Dr. Wiliam & Nell Dobbs Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Rachael Wenisch

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Family Consumer Science Scholarships

Family Consumer Science (FCS) Education Scholarship

The FCS Education Scholarship was created to recognize one FCS Education student at Minnesota State University, Mankato who demonstrates high levels of responsibility, leadership, motivation, communication skills, ability to work with others, potential for professional growth, and excellence in many facets of student life including academics and extracurricular activities relative to the field of FACS Education. This scholarship is funded by the annual proceeds of the “FACS to the Max” Conference held in the Department of Family Consumer Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Supporters of this conference are FCS professionals, alumni, students and faculty.

Family Consumer Science Department Endowed Scholarship

Julia Prouty, Mikaela Whiteford

Fern Snure Williams and Howard Williams Endowment

Haley Forret

Lydia Gens Keitzer Endowment

Susan Simonis

Grace Keir Family Consumer Science Scholarship

Savannah Dorris, Haley Sennes

Mary Jean Metag Scholarship Endowment

Nisa Ruiz, Mackenzie Schimel

Robert and Marcy Irby Scholarship

Marcy lrby is a 1970 graduate of Mankato State College. After a year at Bemidji State College, she went on to complete a degree in Home Economics Education with a speech minor. Seeking to further her education, she attended Kansas State University to earn a M. S. in Home Economics in 1976. Ten years later, Marcy returned to Mankato State College to earn an Elementary Education degree. After 36 years in education, ranging from preschool to high school, Marcy retired from teaching in 2010. Marcy and her husband Robert met at Mankato State College and were married in Mankato on July 17, 1971. It is her pleasure to provide a scholarship for an FCS student interested in teaching.

Callie Cleaveland

Family Consumer Science Department Scholarship

Laura Bolin, Olivia Spande, McKenzie Wallerus, Deanna Wilson

Nickel Family Consumer Science Education Scholarship

Destiny Dahl

FACS to the Max FCS Education Scholarship

Madeline Duffield

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Health Science Scholarships

Eta Sigma Gamma Endowment

Nudrat Nawar

John & Delores Pfau Alcohold And Drug Studies Program Endowed Scholarship

Madilyn Krentz

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Human Performance Scholarships

Clem W. Thompson Physical Education Endowment

Erika Anderson

Colonel Emma E. Vogel Endowment

Elyse Hayes

Dennis Erie Sport Management Scholarship

Jessica Bode

The Dr. Mardy Buck Developmental Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE) Endowment

Coming soon!

G.L. “Gordy” Graham Athletic Training Endowment

Shannon Motzko, Kim Scott

Vi Holbrook Endowment PE Graduate Scholarship

Mitzi Guizar Cardenas

Human Performance Scholarship

Justine Schultz

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Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services Scholarships

Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Kevin Martinez Del Arca

C. Esco Obermann Tuition Scholarship

Staci Nohl

Dr. Joanne Ardolf Decker Scholarship

Samuel Ure

RPLS Emerging Leader Scholarship

Cammi Nordmeyer

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Speech, Hearing & Rehabilitation Services Scholarships

JW Chiou Memorial Scholarship

The JW Chiou Memorial Scholarship was established by his family to support students who are admitted to Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Graduate Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The scholarship is offered to a new graduate student in recognition of the student's academic and clinical excellence and community service. All new graduate students who are admitted to the CSD program are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to honor Dr. JW Chiou who was a university scholar and expert in the field of Education for more than 40 years in Taiwan.

Benjamin Rubenstein

Mabel Hazel Swanson Scholarship

Sarah Ritz

Pennington Communication Sciences and Disorders Scholarship

Ashlin Young

Communication Sciences and Disorders (MS) Rural MN Scholarship

Benenon Pererva, LynnAnne Vesper

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School of Nursing Scholarships

Brett Anderson Nursing Leadership Scholarship

Brett Anderson is a 2011 graduate of the School of Nursing from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Brett now leads Ecumen-wide health care services as the Vice President of Nursing Services for Ecumen.   He also served as adjunct faculty at Minnesota State University and an Instructor at Saint Paul College.  He has a Master's of Science degree in Nursing Leadership and Management from Metro State University.  As a Registered Nurse, certified Public Health Nurse, and board-certified Nurse Executive, Brett wanted to give back to students who show an interest in senior care and health care leadership.

Hailey Johnson, Taylor Snelling

Clarice Joan Amundson Nursing Endowment

Emma Fury, Emma Gregor, Sushma Thapa

David Schober Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Joshua Marben

Dr. Walter & Lorna E. Zettler Memorial Endowed Scholarship Endowment

Josie Fredericksen

Elsa Johansen Natvig Endowment

Shelby Gately

Family Nurse Pratitioner Student Scholarship (CVS Health Foundation)

Kristen Medhanie, Urji Hussein, Bedriyo Yassin

Florence Nightingale Scholarship of the Mankato Area Foundation

The Florence Nightingale Scholarship of the Mankato Area Foundation is to support a non-traditional student for a two-year, post-secondary scholarship who has been accepted into the nursing program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Grace Haugh, Alysha VanFleet

Gertrude Jane Timmerman O’Neill School of Nursing Endowment

Claire Hatanpa, Victoria Nwogo

Golden Jubilee Scholarship Endowment

Ella DeFever

Helen C. & Helmer J. Nilson Memorial Endowment

Christabel Aluko, Piper Gare

Jean Marie Berquist Scholarship

Madison Halluska

Kenneth W. Case Nursing Scholarship

Kenneth W. Case was a working man who had an innate ability to build and fix almost anything, using this skill to help anyone in need. Kenneth had a gentle heart, believed in kindness, loved a good football game, and is known for his love of history and world events. When unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer, Kenneth and his family turned to hospice caregivers to find comfort and support on Kenneth’s final journey. To extend Kenneth’s legacy of kindness to others, his daughter, Dr. Marilyn Swan, and the Case family, established the Kenneth W. Case Nursing Scholarship to support pre-licensure nursing students with a practice interest in end-of-life care through a hospice or long-term care. 

Lindsey Schobert

Lillian Crawford Endowment

Hailey Johnson

LuVern and Bess Penn Endowment

Grace Haugh, Isabelle Hillestad, Mallory Steinmetz, Alexis Wohlers

Lynn Wetherbee and William C. Weese MD Nursing Scholarship Fund

Brianne Pete, Abbey Stohs, Titan Zuehlke

May and John Gilles Nursing Scholarship Endowment

May and John Gilles valued higher education, and each of them led lives of service to others. May was trained as an R.N. at St. Alexius School of Nursing in Bismark, N.D., through the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, a program created to address the shortage of nurses in World War II. May practiced nursing for 20 years, serving hospitals in Detroit and Minneapolis. Following the family’s move to Mankato, May volunteered for the American Red Cross and worked as a private nurse. In addition, May was a dedicated volunteer in the Mankato community. John served in the Army Air Corps during World War II and afterward spent his career with the U.S. Postal Service, serving as leader in his local postal workers union and a volunteer in his church and community. In retirement, John served as president of the Mankato chapter of National Association of Retired Federal Employees, treasurer of the South Central Senior Federation, and as a tax preparer at Summit Senior Center. He and May delivered Meals on Wheels for 22 years. May and Johns’ daughter, Jane Gilles, a Minnesota State University, Mankato alum, established this endowment to honor her parents’ memory and to extend their legacy of service to others.

Chrissy Bienhoff

Nicholas Allen Memorial School of Nursing Scholarship

Logan Howe, Sarah Minter

Mayo Clinic Health System Nursing Scholarship

Gracie Adams, Christabel Aluko, Elizabeth Andersen, Riauna Bishop, Doyin Cole, Madison Hawk, Kaitlin Johnson, Thomas Likassa, Megan Marsh, Gabrielle Matthieu, Krista Gadient, Jeana Graf, Emma Gregor, Amy Grilz, Savanna Sabby, Hanna Sack, Emily Schaap, Cassie Sorensen, Shadrach Stryker, Shouayi Yang

Melba Leichsenring Nursing Endowment

Grace Haugh

Dr. Brenda K. Lenz Nursing Scholarship

Natalie Berg

Melissa Peterson Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Janaya Severson

Nancy Schaffler Henry Endowed Scholarship

Krista Gadient

Bill and Lou Schroeder Scholarship

Ahmed Mohamed

Patrick Willette Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Isabelle Hillestad

Robert, Jean, Linus & Michael Schramski Endowment

Emma Fury

Wanda-Mae Wyndle Nursing Endowment

Lexi Fosburgh, Madalyn Kinneberg, Hannah Marshall, Kamilya Seid

Becky Taylor Fellowships

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students can apply for Becky Taylor Fellowships through the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society. This fellowship supports education, practice, and translational research focused on improving family and societal health. Funding can be used for tuition, fees, DNP clinical practice projects, and/or cost of living expenses. Fellowships will be awarded based on available resources and application materials. 

Coming soon!

Dr. Donald and Marjorie Meredith Nursing Scholarship

Kiersten Kruger

Dr. Carol S. Brown Nursing Endowment

James Kwabena Abotsi

Hope Nursing Research Scholarship

Abigail Simek

Patricia Earle Art Caring Award

Elizabeth Holm

Helen Wiegel Nursing Scholarship

Asmaa Hassan

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Social Work Scholarships

Learn more about Social Work Scholarships

Social Work Alumni & Faculty Scholarship

Hajar Abdullahi, Khadra Geelle, Gabrielle Heille, Heather Medrow, Imani Tendle, Wendy Tougas

Bill Anderson Leadership Scholarship

Michaela Bruder, Farhiya Dini, Mary Speer, Bla Yang

Minnesota Social Service Association (MSSA)  - Region IX Scholarship

Leah Larson, Karmy Luker, Allysa Nelson, Jessica Schisel

Wayne and Carol Sandee Social Work Scholarship

Jada Witherspoon

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