Application to the BSSW Program

Applications to start the BSSW Major:
Fall 2021 DUE: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 by 4pm
Spring 2022 DUE: To be announced

Application to the major documents are linked at the bottom of this page.

Information Meetings
Admission Criteria
Evaluation of Application
Application Documents
Additional Information

Information Meetings

Attend at least one before completing the application documents.

  • Presentations are made each semester in SOWK 212, SOWK 310W/310, and SOWK 315 classes. Group informational meetings are sometimes scheduled.
  • Application due dates are published on this website, announced in classes, and posted on the Department listserv and on the Department bulletin boards.
  • For more information about subscribing to the Social Work Department listserv, go to Social Work Department LISTSERV
  • For more information about the application procedures and documents, meet with your BSSW Program Advisor or contact the BSSW Program Director.

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Admission Criteria for the BSSW Program

Students who declare social work as a major must apply for formal admission to the BSSW Program in order to complete their final three semesters of advanced coursework. These three semesters includes the SOWK 400+ level practice sequence courses: SOWK 441, 443, 446, 450, and 455; SOWK 410 and SOWK 435, and at least one (or more) SOWK 400+ elective. Students submit a completed Application to the Social Work Major Packet when

  1. Application semester
    • The semester before they are ready begin the upper-division, required 400+-level SOWK courses: SOWK 441, 443, 446, 450, 455, SOWK 410 and SOWK 435, and at least one (or more) SOWK 400+ elective
  2. GPAs
    • 2.8 or higher for both the Cumulative GPA and the Social Work GPA
    • Report only the GPAs the student has earned at the beginning of the semester in which they apply, not what they think it will be at the end of the semester in which they are applying
    • Cumulative GPA includes ALL transfer grades AND Minnesota State Mankato grades and is located before the listing of all courses completed/registered for on DARS.
    • Social Work Major GPA is located in the Major Course Completed section of the DARS. Grades not yet showing on the Social Work Major curriculum section of DARS should be computed also. See information below on link to form to recalculate SOWK GPA
  3. Number of course credits completed
    • Students have earned 75 credits by the end of the semester in which they submit their application. If applying for admission to the fall semester, total number of credits earned by the end of summer session are reported.
  4. Required coursework completed
    • Students will have completed all required general education and social work required courses by the end of the semester in which they submit their application. If applying for admission to the fall semester, all required coursework should be completed by the end of the summer prior but application is completed in the spring semester.
    • University general education graduation requirements
      • Goal areas #1-#11, Writing Intensive (WI) and Diverse Cultures (DC)
    • BSSW Program specific -- general education courses
      • For more information about the University and BSSW Program requirements review the catalog year you entered Minnesota State Mankato. These contain the University graduation and BSSW Program curriculum requirements you must meet for graduation.
      • See the BSSW Program Curriculum Guide for more information about course options for BSSW Program's specific general education categories: Human Development/Lifespan; Biology; Psychology; Social, Economic & Political Perspectives; Values, Ethics, & Critical Thinking; Diversity & Social Justice A and B; Statistics;
      • Earned grades of ‘C-‘ or better for courses used to meet the BSSW Program’s General Education Categories. [Exception: If you completed a statistics class to meet the University’s General Education Goal Area #4 requirement, the grade must be a ‘C’ or better.]
    • BSSW Program Foundation courses
      • SOWK 212, SOWK 215/215W, SOWK 310/310W, & SOWK 315 and any other 'SOWK' courses that students may have completed with grades of ‘C-‘or better.
  5. Potential for or demonstrated evidence of commitment to professional and competent generalist social work practice:
    • As a professional major and an accredited program, the BSSW Program has a responsibility to clients, agencies, communities, and the profession to ensure that our graduates engage in ethical and competent social work practice. Thus, demonstration of academic and professional behaviors, a commitment to the goals & values of the social work profession, and an awareness of the skills, talents or contributions the student believes they will make to the profession are also considered in admission decisions.

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Evaluation of the Student's Application

The BSSW Program admission documents and evaluation criteria (revised effective Spring 2019) provide student applicants with opportunity to:

  • Highlight reasons they believe they should be considered for the BSSW Program.
  • Develop or enhance their skills in completing professional applications.
  • Engage in professional and academic advising with their BSSW Program Advisor.
  • Provide the BSSW Program with an outside perspective on the applicant’s readiness for admission to the BSSW Program.

The BSSW Program implemented a new assessment/scoring system in Spring 2019, moving from a system based primarily on GPAs and essay writing/application scores.

Points Area Evaluated
  • Meets admission criteria (+4 points)
  • GPAs (+16 points)
  • Essays: Writing (+5 points)
  • Content application (+5 points for each essay)
  • Applicant's potential for, contributions to, or demonstrated evidence of becoming a competent generalist social work practitioner (+5 points)
  • Reference form (+5 points)
  • Professionally completed and organized application packet (+5 points)
55 Total points

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Application Documents for the BSSW Program

Download, Save and Review Thoroughly

Video explaining application materials and process.

The Overview and Instructions document provides a description of the application process. The application packet contains documents to be completed. You may need to add lines or tables/boxes to some of the documents such as the Resume or the Course Plan. The BSSW Program uses the two rubric worksheets to evaluate your application.

Meet with your BSSW Program Advisor

  • Discuss your readiness to apply. Ask questions about the application process.

Schedule Appointments with:

Complete the application

  • Delete instructions in documents. Save to your computer. Print. Put packet together.
    [Reminder: The application to the major is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of professional documentation.]
  • Schedule an appointment with your BSSW Program Advisor to get their signature. Sign the application yourself.

Submit the application to the Social Work Office, TN 358.

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Additional Information

  • GPA Calculator Worksheet: Social Work GPA Calculator Worksheet and SOWK GPA Instructions. Students sometimes have courses from other schools that have been accepted for SOWK required courses which do not yet show on their DARS. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the grade(s) for these courses are reflected in the SOWK GPA. Re-calculate and review with your BSSW Program Advisor. Put a copy of these substitution form(s) and the recalculated GPA form in your application packet. Also, if course(s) do not yet show on your Minnesota State Mankato DARs include transcript(s)s from prior schools in your application packet.
  • Cover Letter: Students who apply with one more unmet admission criteria must write a letter addressing the unmet conditions. See instructions for more information. However, a general cover letter IS NOT REQUIRED for the application to the major but students may include a cover letter using the attached formal cover letter template.
  • As you complete these forms, please ask your BSSW Program Advisor questions.
  • If you find errors/typos, confusing instructions, send an email to the BSSW Program Director.
  • The BSSW Student Handbook contains a more detailed description of the application review process.
  • ALWAYS keep a copy of all the documents you submit.