What is the purpose of the Department Listserv?

  • The Department of Social Work listserv is named 'sowkers'.
  • This listserv provides students, faculty, alumni, and field instructors with a communication tool for announcements, questions, and resource sharing related to the social work program.
  • The sowkers listserv is used to keep students and other participants informed of activities in the Department of Social Work at Minnesota State Mankato.
  • Faculty use the listserv to share details about scheduled events, Department-specific activities such as application deadlines, workshops on campus or in the community, and Social Work club activities.
  • Information about jobs, licensing, or other opportunities for participation in the Department and the profession can be posted by faculty or other listserv participants.

Who should subscribe?
All students in courses offered by faculty in the Department of Social Work should subscribe to this list. Students who are majoring in social work are particularly requested to subscribe to this list. Graduates of the program and professionals in the community who are interested in the activities of the department and are willing to respond to the questions posed by students and/or faculty are encouraged to subscribe, also.

How do I subscribe to the list?

  • Go to the Sowkers webpage
  • On this page, you will be asked for your email address and a password.
  • An email will be sent to your email program (Mavmail, gmail, etc.) to confirm your request to subscribe to this listserv.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your desire to subscribe to the listserv.
  • The Sowkers webpage also gives you links to a variety of other functions performed by this listserv software. It is worth exploring!

How do I post a message?
In your email program, select 'new message', type the address sowkers@mnsu.edu in your 'to' box. Type your message and send! It is that easy. All subscribers will receive your email.

Remember that as long as you send to the sowkers@mnsu.edu email address, all participants on the listserv will get your email.

What happens when I respond to a message?
In your email program, select reply. The reply function will send your message to all members of the listserv! If you only want to reply to one person, select that person's address and copy/paste it into your address box. Please use the listserv responsibly: only post social work related information and be careful as to whether you are replying to everyone or to only one person.

For more information or to report problems with this listserv.
sowkers-admin@mnsu.edu or d.gohagan@mnsu.edu