Program Outcomes

  1. Synthesize knowledge to provide competent evidenced based care and facilitate the health of individuals, families, and society.
  2. Utilize knowledge of complex systems as the basis for leadership that creates a culture of safety and promotes quality initiatives within the context of inter-professional care.
  3. Integrate evidence, clinical reasoning, inter-professional perspectives, and health care preferences in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes.
  4. Demonstrate skills in using health care technologies, information systems, and communication strategies that result in safe quality care outcomes.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of health care, political awareness, fiscal responsibility, professional regulations, and advocacy for social justice.
  6. Display effective intra and inter-professional communication and collaboration techniques to produce positive professional working relationships.
  7. Validate the nurse's responsibility in population health and community oriented nursing.
  8. Exemplify personal and professional accountability by modeling nursing values and standards.
  9. Engage in baccalaureate-generalist nursing practice while respecting the uniqueness and complexity of care.
  10. Promote, maintain, sustain, and regain the health of individuals, families, and society.