Students in Health Science value health promotion and disease prevention and are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities.

Applied Health Science - One degree, four possibilities

red exclamation point in red circleWe are updating our website with details about our new Applied Health Science degrees. This is an exciting new opportunity for students who want to pursue in-demand careers in health promotion and disease prevention. In the meantime, if you have questions about the program please email Marcia Schoenrock

An Applied Health Science major is the only of its kind in the Minnesota State University System. Students choose a path to support careers and/or seek further training in health education and promotion or other allied health professions. 

An Applied Health major offers four career track options: 

    1. Health Education and Promotion
    2. Public Health
    3. Occupational Therapy Prep
    4. Healthcare Administration Prep

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities may include working in patient education, community or worksite health promotion, public health agencies, health organizations, insurance companies, businesses or healthcare settings. 

Graduates may find themselves:

  • assessing the needs of people and communities
  • developing programs and events to teach people about health topics
  • teaching people how to cope with or manage existing health concerns
  • evaluating the effectiveness of health programs
  • helping people find health services or information
  • providing training programs for other health professionals
  • supervising others who assist with health outreach and programs
  • advocating for resources and policies that promote health

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Applied Health Science

A degree in Applied Health Science major offers four career tracks: Health Education and Promotion; Public Health; Occupational Therapy Prep; and, Healthcare Administration Prep.

Applied Health Science, MS

The graduate program in Applied Health Science (formerly called Community Health Education), is focused on advanced learning experiences related to health education and promotion in public health, community health, school and clinical settings.

Community Health Education, BS

The Community Health Education degree is no longer being offered - this link is for those who are completing their coursework.

Community Health Education, MS

The Community Health Education degree is no longer being offered - this link is for those who are completing their coursework.