Get Involved

Applied Health Science students posing on the stairs with smiles

Getting involved and building your resume is very important for gaining valuable experience for your future and helps you to stand apart from other applicants. This page will explore some of the campus, local, and national options for involvement.


Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) - Eta Sigma Gamma is a national Health Education Honorary for individuals preparing for careers in health education. This student run organization focuses on education, research, service, and advocacy that are of interest to those involved. Learn more about our local chapter. To learn more about your local Beta Kappa Chapter or visit for more information on national ESG.

Health PROs - Recruiting every fall, this organization trains students to educate each other about health-related topics through interactive campus outreach activities. It’s free to join! Learn more about Health PROs.


MNSOPHE - The state chapter of the Society for Public Health Education, MN SOPHE focuses on carrying out the objectives of the national chapter in our state, as well as issues specific to the state of Minnesota. Student membership is $10 per year.

MPHA - This local chapter of APHA works to improve the health of the those living in the state of Minnesota by bringing together health professionals from many professions to work to improve the health of the public. Student membership is $20 per year.


SOPHE - Society for Public Health Education is a national organization focused improving the health of all by supporting leaders in the field of health education and promotion. Areas of emphasis include public health emergency response, reducing health disparities, advocacy, chronic disease risk reduction in school-aged children, injury and violence prevention, and more. Student membership costs $85 per year.

ASHA - American School Health Association is a national organization focused on the health of students in K-12 through the use of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model, to promote lifelong health. Student membership costs $80 per year.

ACHA - American College Health Association focuses on college student health and wellness through advocacy, research, and education. Since our university has an institutional membership, student can join for FREE!

APHA - American Public Health Association is the largest national health organization. APHA words to improve the health of the public and achieve equity in health status and works in all sectors of public health. Student membership costs $90 per year.