Downloading and Saving a MavPlan

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15:09-20:50 How to Download and Save a MavPlan

**Before downloading the document from the website, you will want to ensure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.  This is a free application that works well for reading and using PDF files. Click here to install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.**

  1. Search and click on the MavPlan based on your academic catalog year and major of interest--or select a blank template. 
  2. Download the document per normal steps for your computer and be sure to designate where you want to save it on your computer (i.e. Desktop, My Documents, etc.). 
  3. Open the document from your designated area on the computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Check the top of the document to make sure it is not open as a web browser--making changes to it in that format or through any other application other than Adobe Acrobat Reader can result in changes not saving.
  4. Keep it saved and named appropriately on your computer or upload it onto your OneDrive so you have access to it any-time any-where, including at any academic advising meetings. Access to OneDrive is Here.