Thinking of a health-related major?

I'm interested in the health and wellness field, but undecided on a major. Who can I see for help?

The College of Allied Health and Nursing Advising provides pre-major advising, including general information on majors offered within the College, referrals to University resources to clarify career goals, and other resources. Call 507-389-6315 or email us for an appointment - we are happy to help!

Where else can I explore health-related majors at Minnesota State Mankato? 

  • Take time to get familiar with the many academic programs within the College of Allied Health and Nursing. And remember, health and wellness covers a lot of areas - there are opportunities in social work, public health education, health care administration, foods and nutrition, recreation, developmental adapted physical education and much more. You just never know what might be the right fit.
  • Be sure to explore the many Learning Communities the University offers. Many of them focus on health, wellness and helping careers and are designed to help you meet others and help you choose a major.
  • Check our the University's "Majors in Minutes" videos. These are a great way to hear real stories about how some of our students chose their major and why they love it!

When and how do I declare my major?

You are encouraged to declare your major as soon as you've decided!

If you are within your first year of study, you'll work with advisors until you are ready to apply to your major. If you have met the criteria to apply and be accepted into your major, you'll be assigned an advisor within your program. Remember that declaring a major is not the same as being admitted into a major (read on below!).

When and how am I admitted into my major?

Each major/program has specific requirements for admission. Many have formal application processes, GPA requirements, prerequisite courses, and credit requirements. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog and information provided within each program for details. It's very important to work closely with your advisor to prepare for timely admission into your chosen major.

I don't know who my advisor is. How do I find out?

Don't know who your faculty advisor is? Visit E-Services and enter your star ID number and password, where you will be taken to your student account. Click on “View Class Schedule”, and your advisor's name will appear at the top of your schedule. If you do not have an advisor assigned, please connect with the College Advising team

I'm a transfer student. How do I find out how my credits will fit into the requirements at Minnesota State University, Mankato?

General transfer evaluations are done by the Office of the Registrar for each transfer student. This general transfer audit will indicate how your credits fulfill the General Education requirements at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Transfer courses that may be related to your major must be evaluated within the department to determine if course substitutions or waivers will be allowed. Be sure to provide this information for review to your advisor, department chair or designee far in advance of registration, so you know your standing within the major. Check with the department for their specific process and timelines.

How do I find out about scholarships that I might qualify for in the College?

>> If you are a high school student, transfer student, international student or a graduate student, please visit the Admissions Scholarships page for details on scholarship opportunities.
>> If you are a current student, you'll likely hear about scholarships available through your major or program through the University, College or your specific program.

If you'd like to get an idea of the types of scholarships offered for current student in the College and learn how to apply, you can check our current scholarship news and recipients. The Office of Financial Aid also has additional information on scholarships and financial assistance programs.

Where can I get more specific advising help?

For questions about changing your major, MavPlans, program-specific advising, registration information, etc., please connect with the College advising team.