Transfer & Returning Student Advising

The BSSW Program welcomes transfer and returning students to our major!  The BSSW Program offers individualized advising as completing a professional degree program, such as the BSSW Program, is a complex process and each student has very unique set of advising needs.

Students who plan to transfer or return to school to continue their education and who are interested in the BSSW Program should contact the BSSW Program Director as early as possible. Determine which course planning and advising option best describes your situation and follow the recommendations to insure a smooth transition to the University and the BSSW Program.

For more information on curriculum requirements and course sequencing, go to the Curriculum webpage and see the Curriculum section of the BSSW Student Handbook.

Course Planning Options
If you are a potential transfer student or student planning to return to school, select the options below that best describe your situation below. Then go to Planning a Successful Transfer or Return to School for next steps.  

Minnesota State University, Mankato's General Education Requirements

  • Incomplete:  Students who have not met Minnesota State Mankato’s general education requirements will need to complete them before applying for admission to the BSSW Program. Students should request an appointment with a BSSW Program Advisor who will review your academic documents. The Advisor will recommend a course plan to ensure a timely completion of the University’s general education goal areas and the BSSW Program’s required general education categories and BSSW Foundation courses. If the Registrar’s office has not completed a general education evaluation, the BSSW Advisor will not be able to determine the status of your general education goal areas. For more assistance, contact SBS’s Advising Center and MSU, M Registrar’s Office.  
  • Complete through Associates of Arts and Sciences (AAS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree, have 60+ credits, or have met the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC):  Students who meet one of these criteria can generally begin to complete any missing BSSW Program required general education categories as well as start the BSSW Program Foundation’s SOWK 200+ level courses.  [Note: having an AA or completing the MnTC waives the University’s general education requirements; but does not waive the BSSW Program’s General Education categories requirements or our Foundation Social Work course requirements.]
  • Complete through AAS in Pre Social Work, or MinnState Transfer Pathways:  Students who have met the MSU,M’s general education requirements can begin complete missing BSSW Foundation courses.  If transferring from a MinnState Community College with an AAS in Pre Social Work agreement specifically with MSUM’s BSSW Program, students should work closely with their Community College Advisor(s) and a BSSW Program Advisor to make sure they have completed the approved AAS in Pre Social Work required coursework for the BSSW Program at Minnesota State Mankato.

Social Work or Human Service program at a Community College or another University:  Students who have completed social work courses in another University’s CSWE accredited undergraduate social work program must meet the same admission and academic standards required of students at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Admission to Minnesota State Mankato does is not mean automatic admission to the BSSW Program.

  • Human Service course work: Students who have completed human service coursework will need to have that coursework evaluated by a BSSW Program Advisor for possible course to course substitution. Human service courses are not generally considered equivalent to the BSSW Program’s social work courses unless there is a specific agreement between that Human Service program and the BSSW Program at Minnesota State Mankato.
  • Social Work Program at another University:  Students who have been formally accepted into a CSWE accredited  undergraduate social work program at a 4 year educational institution must have their social work courses evaluated by the BSSW Program Director. Social Work curriculums and course are not identical between social work programs. Therefore, some, but not all, of a student’s prior social work courses will be evaluated for possible substitution. Students will also need to submit a letter from the Social Work Program indicating that they are leaving the program in good standing (academic and non-academic). Students must also complete a minimum of 24 credits in Minnesota State Mankato’s  BSSW Program regardless of the number of social work credits earned elsewhere and must meet this University’s requirements. Also, formal admission to another University’s social work program is not an automatic acceptance to this University’s BSSW Program. For more information about transferring from a CSWE accredited undergraduate social work program, see section in the BSSW Student Handbook.   

Prior Undergraduate 4 year degree:   Returning students with a prior 4 year degree are exempt from completing the University’s general education requirements. However, they are not exempt from completing the 9 courses required for the BSSW Program’s General Education Categories. In addition to having to complete several of the BSSW Program’s general education categories, students will also have to complete The BSSW Program’s 4 Foundation courses before they can apply for formal acceptance to the BSSW Program. Once accepted, students must complete 3 semesters of full time coursework before graduation. Thus, it is likely that returning students will have to complete between at least 2 years, and possibly more, coursework to graduate from the BSSW Program. We recommend that students with a prior degree consider the MSW, graduate social work program.

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Planning a Successful Transfer or Return to School

  1. As early as possible, prior to semester you plan to enter Minnesota State Mankato,  review the BSSW Program’s website thoroughly,  the BSSW Student Handbook (insert link), and like our Facebook page. Be familiar with the BSSW Program’s curriculum and admission to the major requirements.
  2. Go to Transferology and compare your completed coursework with Minnesota State Mankato required courses. Save the results. If transferring with an AAS in Pre-Social Work, follow the Transfer Pathway approved course plan specific to your community college and the BSSW Program at Minnesota State Mankato. The transfer pathways agreements between each community college and each MinnState University social work programs are not identical. [NOTE: Do not use either program, Transferology and Transfer Pathway agreement as the primary source for course planning. Minnesota State Mankato’s Registrar’s Office makes final decisions about course transfers and equivalencies. For Social Work specific courses and potential substitutions, contact a BSSW Program Advisor.]
  3. Become familiar with  Minnesota State Mankato Undergraduate Admissions Process for transferring and returning students.  
  4. Contact the BSSW Program to schedule a consultation. A BSSW Program Advisor will contact you. Send the assigned BSSW Program Advisor copies of your transferology results and course records from ALL higher education schools previously attended. If you have attended or are attending a MinnState system school, you can provide a copy of your Degree Audit Report (DARS).  For other schools, a copy of informal transcripts is acceptable.
  5. The BSSW Program Advisor reviews these documents and makes recommendations for a course plan for Social Work required courses. If you have not had your transcripts evaluated by Minnesota State Mankato’s Registrar’s Office, the BSSW Advisor will not be able to address University general education goal areas. This may include one or more semesters of a course plan, a recommendation that you contact SBS Advising Center  to clarify questions, request for course related documents to consider a possible substitution for a BSSW Program required course. If possible, schedule a visit to campus before transferring. However, most BSSW Program Advisors offer telephone, email, or other web-based consultation.
  6. Complete the transfer process with University Admissions Office and the Registrar’s Office, if you have not done so. Schedule to attend a Transfer Orientation. The BSSW Program Director or a BSSW Program Advisor attends these sessions and will provide you with a more detailed course plan.

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Transfer or Returning to School Resources

  • All Transfer students: go to . Enter your Colleges or University’s courses and this program compares your coursework with potential equivalent courses at another educational institution. It provides a beginning assessment as to what will most likely transfer and what will not. Students considering transferring to MSU, Mankato, should first go to the Transferology website to determine what courses will transfer to this University.  
  • Transferring from a MinnState 2 year college: Check   Minnesota State Mankato Transfer Pathways Information  to determine if your College has a Transfer Pathways agreement with our BSSW Program. Compare your completed coursework with the approved equivalent courses on the Transfer Pathway form to determine what will transfer and the coursework you still need to complete.
  • Advising Center" is a service of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) which helps students who are interested in transferring or returning to one of the BS's Programs, such as ours, Social Work.
  • Admissions Office.
    • formal application through the University's Admissions Office, 122 Taylor Center, Mankato MN 56001-8400; Phone: 507-389-1822.Information about transferring or returning to school
  • Registrar’s Office       
    • On receipt of an admission application and appropriate transcripts, Registrar’s that office will evaluate the prior course credits that can be accepted at Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Financial Aid  
  • Other information about transferring in general is available from the Minnesota State University, Mankato Admissions Office.
  • For more information on how to arrange to transfer to the BSSW Program, go to the BSSW program’s Transfer Information webpage.
  • More information about the Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway is available on the Minnesota State Systems’ institutional website.
  • For more information about transfer of credits from any institution to Minnesota State Mankato can also click.

Transfer & Returning to School Related Policies
Transfer students must meet the same admission and retention standards required of any students who study at Minnesota State and must have been in good standing with the institution granting previous admission.
To be eligible for graduation in with a degree from Minnesota State Mankato, transfer students must complete at least 30 credit hours at Minnesota State Mankato and 40 credits hours at the 300-400 (upper division level).

SOWK -- For more information about the BSSW Program’s Curriculum and Academic Related Policies and Procedures and Applications processes, see the BSSW Student Handbook.  Also See Curriculum Related Policies and the Application’s webpage 

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