Grants & Collaborative Initiatives for Graduate Students

Becky Taylor Fellowship

Minnesota State Mankato Doctor of Nursing Practice students are encouraged to apply for a Becky Taylor Fellowship, which supports education and research focused on improving and enhancing family and societal health. Fellowship dollars can be used for tuition, fees, capstone projects costs and living expenses. Fellowships will be awarded based on application materials and available resources. Find out more about the Fellowship and the application process here, or contact us at taylornursinginstitute@mnsu.edu507-389-1165.

Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Grant

Grants are awarded to eligible institutions to provide financial support through traineeships for registered nurses enrolled in advanced education nursing programs. Funding is provided by the Federal Health Resources and Service Administration Department of Health and Human Services to increase the numbers of nurses available to serve society, therefore enhancing health care access. This grant provides traineeships to nursing students to cover the costs of tuition and fees, books and reasonable living allowance.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

All enrolled students may be eligible for financial aid during their time of study at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Grants, loans, and scholarships are a few of the programs available. Please check Campus Hub-Student Financial Services for available options.

A select number of scholarships and grants also may be available from the School of Nursing. Students are encouraged to check with other resources such as their employer or organizations such as health-related nonprofit organizations, state nurses associations, or the Veterans Administration for additional sources of financial support. Please contact those agencies directly. 

Financial support may also be available directly through Federal Health Resources Services Administration funded Traineeships (scholarships) for nursing graduate students. Please contact the School of Nursing Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant at or 952-818-8884 to inquire.

Graduate Assistantships

Each year the School of Nursing applies to the College of Graduate Studies for funding for teaching and/or research assistantship positions within the School. Positions begin in the fall semester and continue for the academic year. Graduate assistants must be full-time graduate students. Graduate students working 20 hours per week receive tuition for up to 18 credits per year or 9 credits per semester and a taxable stipend up to $9,000 per year. More information about graduate assistantship policies is available on the College of Graduate Studies and Research website. Students should contact the School of Nursing to determine if any graduate assistantships are available.