Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with an athletics coaching minor?

The athletics coaching minor provides students with academic preparation to coach at any level.

I need to take HP 451 or HP 372. When will they be offered?

HP 451 Principles of Coaching and HP 372 Exercise Science for Coaches are offered in the Summer only.

How do I get permission to register for HP 482?

Download the Coaching Practicum Application. Students must fill out the application and receive instructor permission to register. Email completed forms to or drop off at HC 1400.

What if my sport is in both fall and spring semester? Which semester should I register for?

The coaching practicum requires you coach for a full season, which doesn't always line up with our academic semesters. Talk to the instructor to find out which semester to register for HP 482.

How do I declare the Athletic Coaching minor?

You need to email the department's administrator, Kim Krueger, ( requesting permission to declare the minor. Copy Dr. Armentrout ( on the email. If you have transfer classes from other schools, talk to Dr. Armentrout to have those added to the minor on your DARS report.