Graduate Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, see what past students have to say about the Dental Hygiene Online Degree Completion Option!

Carol Martin, Class of 2013: Distinguised Alumni Humanitarian Award Recipient 2016

Completing my Bachelors degree definitely helped me obtain my current position with Century College (having a Bachelors degree was a requirement for the position) and I love what I am doing! Completing my Bachelors degree was a long term goal for me so I have a high degree of personal satisfaction and pride in completing this goal. I do not think it would have been possible without the online option. I was able to continue to work 36-40 hours per week and take one or two classes at a time. Being able to work also allowed me to have my education paid for when I completed my degree. I had no outstanding student loans or debts. I was very satisfied with Mankato's online program. The instructors were supportive and provided challenging assignments and experiences that encouraged my critical thinking and enhanced my professional development. I particularly enjoyed the student teaching assignment and would love to see maybe an internship added as part of the curriculum.

Lorie Gerard
Shoreview, MN - Class of 2011

Completing the program gave me broader knowledge of dental hygiene as a "career" outside of clinically. It has given me knowledge to be more successful in my current jobs. It has opened doors with me becoming more involved with my association, public health committees, because it has given me the knowledge to be confident in myself in the area of public health and myself as a dental hygienist.

Danielle Lichtblau
Goodhue, MN - Class of 2012

I have been in dentistry since 1991. I have always loved dental hygiene, but I wanted to do more for our profession. I looked around for a BS completion program for awhile, and finally found this one at Minnesota State Mankato that fit my needs perfectly. I could continue at my own pace (since I was still working FT), and all courses were 100% online. The online courses were easy to navigate, and the assignments were all laid mysteries. The instructors were easy to contact, and always had fast responses. The greatest thing was the way the instructors really pushed the communication boards. That was not only a great networking tool, but I really felt like I got to know these other students, learned about different philosophies and practice areas, and just really enjoyed my whole experience throughout the process.

Right after I got my BS from Minnesota State Mankato, I entered law school. I am now in my second year at the University of Georgia. I finally know how I am going to help advance our profession, through public health law and lobbying for dental hygienists. If your wondering if now is the right time for you to go back to get your degree completion, there is no time like the present. Plus, the possibilities for you afterwards are really amazing. Go for it!

Chris Behrndt
Portland, OR - Class of 2012

Completing my bachelor degree gives me more credibility with my speaking engagements. The classes from Mankato updated my 30 year old degree. I now have up to date knowledge AND 30 + years experience. This is a winning combination for my patients I serve and my peers I teach! I am VERY Satisfied with the BS Degree Completion Program! I recommend this program to many of the hygienists I encounter.

Jeanette K Miranda
Sioux Fall, SD - Class of 2013

I appreciated the flexibility of the program with my family and work commitments. I also liked how working was incorporated into school--you could use work experiences and observations for discussions or projects, and also you could implement any new knowledge into your work immediately!

Courtney Klaehn
Clear Lake, IA - Class of 2007

The program helped tremendously for obtaining my current position and it is helping me complete my Master's degree as well!!

Stacy Owens
Plymouth, MN - Class of 2009

Just wanted to let you know I have a career change. After 30 years at the same office, I was offered a position as Clinical Dental Hygiene Instructor at Rice Regional Dental Clinic in Willmar. This clinic treats patients from 17 counties that are underserved. Four dental students and two hygiene students (and one dental therapist) treat the patients. Thanks for making this possible. Without the BS degree, I would not have been considered for the position. Also, in the interview, I was able to explain the broad range of curriculum that I experienced while completing my degree at Mankato from educational methods to public health to new trends to evidenced based practices. I'm so thankful for the writing emphasis in Minnesota State Mankato's program because I was very prepared going into the MSDH. I'm so glad I completed my degree because my eyes have been truly opened to the need for at LEAST a BSDH entry level for dental hygiene!

Renee Johnson
Sunburg, MN - Class of 2012

To the faculty – Many thanks for the advice and support that you provided to me is resulting in a BSDH this semester; I've just submitted my final assignment. I am overjoyed!! My recent experience at Minnesota State University, Mankato has been an extremely favorable one. I know that each of you wanted me to successfully accomplish my objective. That is a very refreshing and encouraging change. Due to this observation, I have been suggesting others consider the dental hygiene program at Mankato.

Teri Johnson
Prior Lake, MN - Class of 2007

To a faculty member - Thank you once again for being an outstanding instructor. You are truly superior at what you do and it inspires me! I have been thinking about the possibility of becoming an educator. Thanks for everything, I am going to miss not having any more courses with you as my instructor....any future instructors have a lot to live up to!

Molly Field
Grand Forks, ND - Class of 2006

To be honest, I was ready to retire from dental hygiene after working four years in a very challenging office that did not respect the hygiene profession. I was left feeling defeated and insecure about myself as a hygienist. I decided to return to school to complete my four year degree as a last chance effort to salvage my hygiene career. Over the last two years I gained the confidence that I needed to return to the dental field and the insight to stand up for what I always believed to be right. When returning to the work field after graduation, I knew exactly what I was looking for and wouldn't accept anything less.

Rosalind May