Kristi Oeding

Address: CSB 155
Phone: 507-389-1542

Name: Kristi Oeding, AuD, CCC-A

Position: Assistant Professor/Audiologist

Teaching: Dr. Oeding’s teaching goals are to provide students with a foundation in the basics of speech and hearing sciences. She is also passionate about audiology and working with older adults. 

Current Courses:

  • CDIS 320 Beginning and Intermediate Audiometrics
  • CDIS 322 Speech and Hearing Science
  • CDIS 420 Advanced Audiometrics
  • CDIS 695 Clinical Practicum

Areas of Interest: Dr. Oeding's areas of interest include performing hearing evaluations, hearing aids, tinnitus, hyperacusis, and misophonia management and implementing best practices for clinical care in the classroom and in the clinic. In particular, she is interested in evaluating ways to improve how we measure hearing aid benefit in background noise and how to improve hearing in background noise with hearing aids in older adults.

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