Developmental Adapted PE Minor

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Study of lifespan motor development from prenatal through adulthood, including information on delayed development and the normal pattern of skill acquisition.

Prerequisites: none

Introduction to teaching physical education for students with disabilities. Concepts include, but not limited to, history, legal mandates, due process, categorical disabilities, & universal design. Fieldwork hours required.

Prerequisites: none

Tools and techniques for assessing learning and performance of children in physical education. Procedures for assessing motor performance of children with disabilities emphasizing available assessment tools, interpretation of data, preparation of Individualized Educational Programs (IEP), and due process.

Prerequisites: HP 295, HP 313, HP 333

This course will prepare teacher candidates to recognize, understand, apply, and analyze methodologies within the PK-12 developmental adapted physical education settings. Candidates will learn practical procedures and practices for teaching essential content within PK-12 DAPE settings. Candidates will learn organizational and managerial practices for the teaching environment and will apply this knowledge in various teaching situations.

Prerequisites: HP 313, HP 333

Introduction to collaboration and consultation strategies and techniques used with personnel associated with the IEP process in a PK-12 DAPE program. Personnel includes, but may not be limited to, general physical educators, guardians, students, related services, community agencies.

Prerequisites: HP 333, HP 388

Supervised school-based practicum teaching physical education/developmental adapted physical education to students with disabilities.

Prerequisites: HP 388, HP 425

Introduction to the principles of applied behavior analysis with specific application to physical education/developmental adapted physical education. Methods to manage, motivate, and teach responsible behaviors in a variety of physical activity settings to students with and without disabilities.

Prerequisites: none

This course provides a rigorous overview to the education of children and youth who differ greatly from the average in physical, cognitive, emotional or social characteristics. It introduces the student to Minnesota's Graduation Standards Rule in relation to the needs of children and youth who receive special education services.

Prerequisites: none