Applying to the Dental Hygiene (BS) Program

Applications are due January 1st of each year.

All application items must be submitted in order to be an accepted applicant; see application below for details.

Instructions for applying to the Minnesota State University Dental Hygiene (BS) Program:

  1. Download the 2023 Dental Hygiene Application (2024 application will be released in late fall 2023)
  2. Fill out the application and submit before the deadline of Jan 1st.
  3. Submit online using the OneDrive Link

An e-mail confirming receipt of your application will be sent to you as soon as your application is received. If two weeks have passed and you still have not received e-mail confirmation of receipt of your application, call 507-389-1313 to verify your application was received.

A Degree Audit Report (DARS) will be evaluated by the dental hygiene admission committee – you do not need to include this in your application. Please make sure that ALL prerequisite course grades from Fall 2022 semester are posted on your DARS report.

Transfer Students: verify all transfer credits have been processed on Minnesota State University DARS

DARS is an acronym for Degree Audit Reporting System.

  • DARS uses a student's degree program information (degree, major, minor, catalog year) on file in the student records system, to create a "template" of that program. Then all of a student's courses are placed into the template to produce a document called an audit. The audit shows which requirements are completed and which are left to be done. It can be used by students and advisors to monitor a student's progress towards graduation.