American Sign Language (CERT)

The certificate signifies students have reached a minimum level of proficiency in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies. 

Current Catalog Year
Major / Total Credits
16 / 16

Program Requirements

Major Common Core

Beginning ASL - Level I aims to develop a basic understanding and use of American Sign Language through learning parameters of sign, fingerspelling, basic grammar and a basic understanding of Deaf culture.

Prerequisites: none

Goal Areas: GE-11

Intermediate American Sign Language - Level II builds off knowledge and skills obtained in Level I. Expands on understanding and use of more complex grammar, classifiers, and social conversation.

Prerequisites: none

Advanced I American Sign Language - Level III involves more extensive use of classifers, labeling, social conversation and increased ability to be fluent, smooth and have confidence and flow in signing.

Prerequisites: none

This course is a repeatable, 1 credit course for students who would like to continue to use and maintain their conversational language skills in American Sign Language (ASL). It is highly recommended that students have at least a basic understanding and use of ASL (Level II).

Prerequisites: none

This course will explore the language, culture, history, and contemporary issues of American Deaf people. Utilizing readings, lecture, and group discussion; students will learn about the linguistic and cultural aspect, oppression, timeline of deaf history, communication strategies and their effectiveness in terms of learning a language, as well as issues that are still existing in the deaf community.

Prerequisites: none

This course is a continuation of Advanced knowledge in American Sign Language. Fluent, social and academic use and understanding of sign language will be explored as well as continued expansion of knowledge of Deaf Culture and Deaf Community.

Prerequisites: CDIS 306, CDS 307