Tuition and Fees


Graduate tuition rates

Tuition is $444.10 per credit (48 total credits for the program at $444.10 is $21,316.80 for the program).

Student Fees are $44.08 per credit up to 12 credits

General cost of attendance for graduate programs may be located here.


Course fees

HP 607: $75 + liability insurance fee of $12
HP 584: $25 + liability insurance fee of $8
HP 585: $25 + liability insurance fee of $8
HP 615: liability insurance fee of $12
HP 621: $20
HP 629: $30
HP 639: $50
HP 684: $25 + liability insurance fee of $8
HP 685: $100 + liability insurance fee of $8


Additional Costs Associated with the Program

Criminal background check: $16 (MN resident) or up $40 (out-state) depending on state of residency
TB Test: Approximately $15 at Student Health Services
Updated immunizations (if needed): Variable
Travel to off-campus clinical sites: Variable
Textbooks: Visit the University's bookstore to see required & recommend materials for each course


Financial Aid

To determine your eligibility for financial aid please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and file at 

Also contact Minnesota State University, Mankato Financial Services Office for information.