Students in the online Applied Health Science MS Program are prepared for evolving and challenging professional positions in a variety of settings, including state, community, and federal health departments and agencies, business and industry, health care and promotion institutions, and nonprofit organizations, as well as schools and universities. The curriculum is competency-based, focusing on critical thinking and analytical approaches to current public health issues in a dynamic learning environment.

Deadlines and Important Dates

Please ensure you are familiar with the deadlines and notes detailed below. In some cases, missed deadlines can result in the student being required to register for additional graduate credit(s) for the following semester.

Graduate Deadlines


Admission to Major

Learn about requirements for admission to the Applied Health Science, MS program.

About the Program

Learn about Applied Health Science, MS program.

Required Courses

Detailed information on the courses can be found within the Academic Catalog.

Get Involved

Becoming involved with the profession prior to graduation is possible through volunteering and membership in student organizations.

Career Information

Health education specialists and community health workers are employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Further Education

Following successful completion of the AHS degree, students are positioned to go directly into the career field or further advance their education.


Because Applied Health Science is a growing and evolving field, students have flexibility in career options.


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All students successfully completing the AHS master’s degree are eligible for certifications specific to the health education and public health fields.