Therapeutic Recreation Practicum

The TR Practicum Checklist supplements the RPLS Practicum Handbook and outlines the steps to locate, secure, register for and complete a practicum.  The practicum lasts a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks and 560 hours.  During the practicum you gain experience with each of the ten job task domains.  The ten job task domains of TR are:

  1. Professional Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Assessment
  3. Planning and Interventions and/or Programs
  4. Implementing Interventions and/or Programs
  5. Evaluating Outcomes of the Interventions and/or Programs
  6. Documenting Intervention Services
  7. Working with Treatment and/or Service Teams
  8. Organizing Programs
  9. Managing TR/RT Services
  10. Public Awareness and Advocacy

TR Practicum Checklist

RPLS Student Handbook