Visiting Student from Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

April 13, 2024 |

Kotomi Kammi from Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, visited Minnesota State University for two weeks in an effort to increase global collaboration between undergraduate nursing students.

She participated in classes in the Multi-Bed Skills Lab, the Simulation Center and Global education classes. She also spent time with nursing students at Student Nursing Association events.

Outside the classroom, Kammi visited Dr. Stacey Van Gelderen’s family farm and toured Minneapolis with Dr. Sarah Ogilvie. The College of Business’ Dr. Gloria Meng hosted a dinner that included two Japanese faculty: Sachi Sekimoto from the School of Communications and Media and Yukina Sato from Theatre and Dance.

Kammi toured the Mayo Clinic Health System hospital in Mankato accompanied by Dr. Marilyn Swan, and she spent an afternoon at the Health Commons at Pond in Bloomington.

Before heading back to Japan, Kammi met with students attending an Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University workshop this summer.