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November 18, 2022 |

RPLS faculty at North HennepinRPLS represents at North Hennepin Community College

RPLS faculty attended the Student Transfer Day event at North Hennepin Community College. Students were able to explore opportunities to earn a bachelor’s degree, reach educational goals, and connect to careers.


Group photo BemidjiRPLS students and faculty present on impact of profession

RPLS faculty, along with several current RPLS students, presented at the 2022 Minnesota Recreation and Parks Association Annual State Conference in Brainerd.

The session, titled “Promoting the Profession” focused on communicating the value of the profession and the impact RPLS has on the community, including retaining practitioners and parks and recreation as an area of human services.

“This was highly interactive, and we built the discussion around communication advocacy with the other practitioners in the room,” Margo said.

The second session, “Communicating the Vision” emphasized strategies for building professional relationships with Gen Z and tapped a panel of current Minnesota State Mankato students.

Margo presented data from research that students in her Research Methods class implemented about recreation and park degree programs and as a career, and students were able to share their views on growth in the profession as it relates to the success of recreation related programs.

2022 RSO Fair Table.jpgStudents welcome new members to the Rec Club!

Rec Club students joined in the Fall Recognized Student Organization activity fair sharing information about their activities and encouraging new students to get involved. 







RPLS with Johann.jpgStudents meet international author!

RPLS students had the opportunity to meet international best-selling author Johann Hari and read his book "Lost Connections" as part of the 2022 Health and Biomedical Sciences summit in which RPLS students were able to explore how recreation, parks and leisure services related to the event topic of mental health. 


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