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Developmental Adapted Physical Education Minor

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Minor and Licensure

Most school districts in Minnesota now require physical education teachers to have licensure in Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) to obtain or retain their teaching positions. In addition to DAPE licensure to teach students with disabilities, a DAPE minor also makes prospective teachers better equipped to teach students of all abilities in general physical education classes. Applicants for DAPE licensure must be a Physical Education Teacher Education major as DAPE licensure is an add–on license to the K–12 physical education teaching license. Students in related disciplines who foresee working with students and individuals with disabilities may pursue the DAPE minor; however, pursuant to Minnesota teacher licensure requirements, only physical education majors can be granted the DAPE teaching license. Prospective teachers will be eligible for DAPE licensure in the State of Minnesota when all competencies have been met. DAPE minor/licensure requirements are as follows:

Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Undergraduate Catalog page.

Required for DAPE Minor and Licensure

HP 411 – Developmental Adapted Physical Education (3) (Students should take this course first)

HP 412 – Assessment in Adapted Physical Education (3)

HP 413 – Lifespan Motor Development (2)

HP 423 – Teaching Strategies in Secondary Developmental Adapted Physical Education (3)

HP 445 – Teaching Students with Cognitive and Emotional/Behavioral Disablities (3)

HP 471 – Consulting Techniques in Developmental/Adapted Physical Education (3)
(prerequisites: HP 411, HP 412HP 445)

HP 493 – Internship in Developmental/Adapted Physical Education (1) (prerequisites: HP 411HP 445)

Required Supporting Course for DAPE Minor and Licensure

SPED 405 – Individuals with Exceptional Needs (3)

Admission to Minor is granted by the department concurrent with or following admission to health & physical education teaching major. Minimum department admissions requirements are:

  • A minimum of 32 earned semester credit hours
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above (MSU College of Education requires GPA of 2.75 to student teach)


All courses in minor must be taken for grade with the exception of HP 493 (Internship in DAPE), which may be taken the semester prior to or concurrently with student teaching. Placement for DAPE internship is made through Clinical and Field Experiences office in the College of Education. Cooperating Teachers for HP 493 must be a licensed DAPE teacher. To receive DAPE licensure, student must pass the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam (MTLE) in Special Education: Core Skills.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Sue Tarr, Coordinator