Joshua Meyer, Assistant Professor

Address: HCN 209
Phone: 507-389-5930


  • Ph.D. Education: Curriculum and Instruction; Montana State University
  • M.Ed. Mind, Brain and Education; Harvard University
  • M.S. Health and Human Development; Montana State University
  • B.S. Biological Sciences; Colorado State University


  • M.S. Experiential Education

Primary Courses Taught

  • Philosophy of Experiential Education
  • Controversial Issues in Experiential Education
  • Teaching Methods in Experiential Learning
  • Guiding Reflection in Experiential Education
  • Research Methods
  • Professional Project

Research Interests

  • Nature-based Learning
  • Foundations of Education
  • Learning Sciences
  • Research Methods
  • Leadership
  • Curriculum Development
  • Competency-Based Learning

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Meyer, J. (2022, July). Key concepts from theories supporting nature-based learning [Conference session]. Natural Start Alliance. Cincinnati, OH.
  • Meyer, J, & Seaman, J. (2021). Beyond experiential learning cycles. In G. J. Thomas, J. Dyment, & H. Prince (Eds.), Outdoor environmental education in higher education: International perspectives. Singapore: Springer.
  • Meyer, J., Ewbank, A. D., & Ellsworth, A. (2019). Pre-service teachers in Finland: Comparative education through short-term faculty-led study abroad. Current Issues in Comparative Education, 21(1), 93-103.,-Ann-Dutton-Ewbank,-and-Ann-Ellsworth.pdf
  • Meyer, J. (2018, September). Examining the cognitive features of nature-based learning [Poster presentation]. International Mind Brain and Education Society Conference, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Meyer, J., Müller, U., & Macoun, S. (2017). Comparing classroom contexts and physical activity in nature and traditional kindergartens. Children, Youth and Environments 27(3), 56-77.
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