Reducing Digital Storytelling Implementation Barriers in Nursing Education Workshops

David Clisbee, MFA, MA TESL / Applied Linguistics Minnesota State University, Mankato
Patricia Beierwaltes, DNP, C-PNP Minnesota State University, Mankato
Sandra Eggenberger, PhD, RN Minnesota State University, Mankato

Person doing a presentationThis project explores using digital stories as an innovative method for engaging nurses in continuing education and professional development to advance nursing practice. In recent decades, digital stories have been utilized in traditional nursing education contexts to enhance collaborative learning and reflection (Price, Strodtman, Brought, Lonn, Luo, 2015; Christiansen, 33 2011). Early evidence now suggests digital stories may have potential to transform healthcare systems by cultivating understanding and compassion (Hardy & Sumner, 2018; Moreau, Eady, Sikora, & Horsley, 2018; DeVecchi, Kenny, Dickson-Swift, Kidd, 2017; Laing, Moules, Estefan, & Lang, 2017). However, limited research explores the use of narratives in health care systems to influence practice, particularly nursing care of families. While the need for changes in family nursing practice has been identified (Duhamel, 2017), there is an absence of evidence focused on educational strategies using digital stories to support the translation of family nursing knowledge to practice.