An Educational Intervention to Influence Family Nursing Practice in an Adult Patient Hospital Setting

An interprofessional team that includes David Clisbee the College of Science and Technology, Patricia Beierwaltes and Sandra Eggenberger from the School of Nursing formed a research team to examine storytelling methodology as a translational strategy in the adult hospital setting. A research design included quantitative and qualitative measurement before and after an educational intervention. Education included stories, empirical evidence and nurse participants developing practice changes focused on families. Nurse participants (n=160) in the educational intervention reported positive responses to the education, stories and reflection. Comparing pretest and posttest results of the Family Nurse Practice Scale (FNPS), nurses consistently reported positive change. Family members reported improved perceptions of support on the Iceland Perceived Family Support Scale (ICE-FPSQ).  Qualitative analysis showed digital storytelling’s power to evoke reflection and promote family interventions.  Findings affirmed that engaging nurses in educational interventions that encourage reflection and discussion through stories have potential to increase the application of family knowledge into practice.