Academic advising is an ongoing process where the student and advisor(s) work together to clarify goals, establish meaningful educational plans, effectively use resources and seek opportunities. The end goal is for you to be an involved, independent, self-directed life-long learner.

Pre-Nursing Advising

We provide academic advising services to all pre-nursing students pursuing application and admission to the Pre-Licensure Nursing Program. We assist students on issues pertaining to program admission, general education & pre-requisite course planning, and more.

Pre-Licensure Program Advising

Students admitted to the Pre-Licensure Program transition from Pre-Nursing advising to an assigned faculty instructor for the remaining four semesters of the program.

RN Baccalaureate Completion Program Advising

The RN Baccalaureate Completion Program Advisor serves students in areas pertaining to admission to the program, transfer evaluations, general education courses, major courses, program requirements, and graduation applications.