Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals for the School of Nursing


The School of Nursing is an intellectual community that strives for innovation and excellence within education, scholarship, and practice in family and societal nursing.


The mission of the School of Nursing is to influence health care for the individual, family, and society through the advancement of nursing science, the promotion of clinical scholarship, and innovative education of practitioners and clinical leaders.

Statements of Values

As a School of Nursing we value the individual, the family, and society, innovation and excellence, empowerment and social justice, and the discipline of nursing.

  • Facilitate health and healing of individuals, families, and society by integrating evidence, clinical reasoning, interprofessional perspectives, and client value preferences in providing nursing care.
  • Provide quality and compassionate health care to individuals, families, and society within a dynamic environment.
  • Focus on development, validation, and dissemination of nursing practice models that attend to the unique nature of individuals, families, and society.
  • Support the scholarship of nursing practice with emphasis on advancing family and societal health and healing.
  • Provide leadership in the development of educational models and policies to improve family and societal nursing within a global health context.
  • Support individual, family, and societal health as the central purpose for the nursing discipline.
  • Recognize and embrace the importance of change, creativity, courage, flexibility, inquisitiveness, and perseverance in our journey toward excellence.
  • Value the use of simulation, technologies, information, and communication systems in supporting safe quality nursing practice.
  • Create a culture of safety and promote quality initiatives by anticipating and responding to changing issues and trends influencing policies and practices in health care.
  • Promote experiential learning through a variety of pedagogical approaches.
  • Support the work of the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society and the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA).
  • Exemplify personal and professional accountability by modeling nursing values and standards.
  • Respect variations and complexity of care across the continuum of health care environments and allocation of resources in caring for all.
  • Demonstrate tolerance for uncertainty within the world and its effect on health care.
  • Enhance the quality of health for all people.
  • Integrate knowledge of health care, policy, finance, and regulatory environments to enhance political awareness, fiscal responsibility, and advocacy for social justice.
  • Strive for ethical decision-making in the application of social justice.
  • Provide a scientific basis for nursing actions that guides practice to support family and societal health.
  • Advance the discipline by developing and disseminating knowledge that enhances nursing scholarship and the quality of health for all people.
  • Use philosophical foundations to reflect values and beliefs that support family and societal health.
  • Incorporate the pattern of knowing to promote individual, family, and societal health.
  • Utilize evidence based practice to promote individual, family, and societal health.
  • Disseminate paradigms and products of inquiry that promote family and societal health.


  • Cultivate an environment that embodies the School of Nursing's values of the individual, family, and society through innovation and excellence, empowerment and social justice, and the discipline of nursing.
  • Support the needs for a culturally diverse student group.
  • Maintain high quality admission criteria and standards in all undergraduate nursing programs.
  • Examine undergraduate offerings for responsiveness to current and future needs of the nursing workforce.
  • Evaluate the collaboration within Iron Range Nursing for the RN Baccalaureate Completion program.
  • Examine graduate program offerings for congruence with current and future needs of advanced nursing practice and nursing education.
  • Evaluate the collaboration within Iron Range Nursing for the Family Nurse Practitioner program.
  • Build resources needed for teaching curricula that are focused on family and societal health, nursing, and practice.
  • Provide a model of student advising that supports learning and development.
  • Advocate for supporting the use of simulation and technology.
  • Increase global awareness through course and clinical experiences.
  • Support service learning experiences in pre-nursing and nursing courses.
  • Support faculty members' development of scholarship programs.
  • Develop faculty assignments that support faculty research, teaching, service, student growth and preparation.
  • Actively pursue funding opportunities for use of teaching, scholarship and use of technology.
  • Develop a marketing and public relations plan for the School of Nursing.