Center for Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinics

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Center for Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinics provide assessment and treatment of communication disorders to southern Minnesota communities. Services are provided by supervised students who are working toward a Masters Degree in the program. The clinic provides diagnostic evaluation and therapy services to children and adults with communication disorders, including:

Center for Communication Sciences & Disorders Clinic

Provides services for speech and language delays or disorders, including voice disorders and accent modification. Contact 507-389-6298 for appointments.

Audiology Clinic

Provides comprehensive hearing assessments and screenings as well as testing for central auditory processing disorders. 

Literacy and Learning Clinic

Provides assessment and intervention services for children and adults with reading and writing or other academic difficulties, including dyslexia, disorders of executive functioning and language-related learning difficulties. 

Acquired Language and Cognitive Communication Rehabilitation Clinic

Provides evaluation and intervention services for adults with language and cognitive difficulties (including thinking abilities, self-regulation, coaching strategies and executive functioning due to brain injury), aphasia, primary progressive aphasia, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological progressive disorders. 

Clinic Appointments

Appointments for clinical services can be requested at: 507-389-6298 Fax: 507-389-2821