Prospective Students

See yourself in a career working with individuals, families and children to better their lives. Your journey starts here with an undergraduate degree in Family Consumer Science.

Family Consumer Science offers 4 bachelor of science degrees with concentrations in:

Child Development and Family Studies

The Child Development and Family Studies major focuses on both human development and family relations, including diverse family related issues, such as resource management and housing.

Graduates are prepared to work with children, adults and families in a variety of human services and educational and leadership settings.

Child Development and Family Studies is also a great springboard to graduate studies in marriage and family therapy, human services and university teaching.

Since Child Development and Family Studies is such a diverse field, it’s very possible to focus the elements of your program toward a specific goal. See yourself in a career, such as:

  • Family life consultancy
  • Church-related family professions
  • Day care consultancy
  • Extension family life
  • Public service
  • Home management
  • Research in family life and child development
  • Journalism
  • Pre-school
  • And many more…

Become a Certified Family Life Educator

Family Life Education takes place in many settings -- wherever families need education and prevention programs to strengthen their family life. Become a Certified Family Life Educator with your bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies + two years of professional experience. For more information visit the National Council on Family Relations (link to or contact Dr. Dan Moen or Dr. Heather Von Bank


Gain the skills you need to launch a career in dietetics from Minnesota State, Mankato. Through interactive opportunities, and advisory and in-classroom learning, you’ll graduate prepared for supervised practice, graduate studies or related employment in dietetics.

The undergraduate dietetics major is as demanding as it is rewarding. Approximately 80 students are pursuing a bachelor of science degree, and those who complete a dietetic internship become eligible to take the National Registration Examination. Completion in the dietetics program is the first step to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. Graduates find employment in hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities as clinical dietitians, wellness counselors, school food service dietitians and directors, and more.

Dietetics Internships

Dietetics internships, or supervised practice programs, are highly competitive; placement of Minnesota State Mankato graduates on their first application has exceeded the national average in 5 of the last 6 years. Also in the past 5 years, 91% of Minnesota State, Mankato graduates have passed the national registration examination on their first attempt.

Students not choosing to pursue a dietetic internship, or those not selected for one, may take the national examination to earn credentials without further training.

Family Consumer Science Education

Students will gain the skills and training necessary to launch a career in family and consumer sciences at the secondary (grade 5 - 12) level, as well as apply for teaching licensure.

Family Consumer Science Education Career Possibilities

  • Family consumer science curriculum developer
  • Community education instructor
  • Extension educator
  • Social agency employment
  • Nonprofit program director
  • Substitute teacher
  • Entrepreneur

Foods and Nutrition

The Foods and Nutrition major prepares students to launch careers in the areas of food, nutrition and food service. Through in-classroom learning, an individualized curriculum and a supervised internship, students graduate prepared to succeed in the food and nutrition industry.

Foods and Nutrition Career Possibilities

  • Restaurant manager
  • School lunch program manager
  • Grocery store PR and sales
  • Government agency positions

Consumer Studies Minor

Consumer studies examines decision making of everything from credit to debt to insurance to saving and investments to estate planning to daily consumer choice and more. A minor in consumer studies can be a great supplement to those majoring in marketing, business and family consumer science.