Public Dental Clinic

The Public Dental Clinic at Minnesota State University, Mankato provides high-quality dental care at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of services, including limited fillings. Dental insurance plans and medical assistance are accepted. The Clinic has advanced technology, new facilities, and our students and expert faculty LOVE new patients! 

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Dental Clinic, Minnesota State University, Mankato
128 Clinical Sciences Building, Mankato, MN 56001

Learn more about why our patients and our students love the public dental clinic in this video! 

My student dental hygenist was AMAZING!! Definitely had to contact you and let you know! It was the MOST gentle, SUPER high tech, THOROUGH dental exam I've ever had in my life!! She even noticed when I cringed at one point when my back spasmed (even though you have great dental chairs) and she went and got me a pillow, and asked if I was chilly and wanted a blanket, too!!! This seems like a great school, so professional, high tech, clean, friendly." 

Patient email, Mankato, Minnesota

"Had a great experience at the Minnesota State University, Mankato Dental clinic!! My student hygienist, Grace, seemed to be well trained, was skilled and quite competent. She was courteous and gentle in her care. The overseeing staff was excellent at making sure all of the care I received was up to par! Very happy!"

Denise Peterson, Google review

"I really enjoyed getting my teeth cleaned here, the students are so knowledgeable and gentle! The clinic offers affordable services, making it a great place to go to for those who do not have dental insurance. I will continue to go to the Minnesota State University, Mankato dental clinic for my cleanings!"

Emily Buryska, Google review