Mandatory Advising, Registration Codes and Holds

Mandatory Advising and Registration Codes

The College of Allied Health and Nursing requires that students with 30 credits or less meet for an advising appointment (individual or group) prior to be given permission to register each semester (Registration Access Codes are used.)  This advising is providing by the SRC and College AdvisorThere are certain majors in our college that are exempt from this requirement (RPLS, FCS Education and Dietetics), although regular advising meetings are strongly encouraged for ALL students.  Student who must receive advising and an access code prior to registration all receive email reminders of this requirement several times prior to the beginning of registration.


There are numerous situations that prompt holds on student records (academic issues, unpaid balances, immunizations, student athletes, etc.). There is a page on the website that helps define the holds and who to go to for resolution. It is found at:

Course Permissions and Problems with Registration

Many courses require specific permissions to register. These permissions may be related to upper division status (may take 300-400 level courses), pre-requisites, or courses requiring instructor permission. Explanations and resolutions for additional problems with registration are covered in the following link:

Where to send students when they have questions:

Financial Aid: the Campus Hub or 507-389-1866.

Registration procedures: the Registration Help Center: or 507-389-2252.